Only Evolved Village Duster SCP Tower Defense -

Only Evolved Village Duster SCP Tower Defense

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Only Evolved Village Duster SCP Tower Defense.

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Welcome to SCP Tower Defense! Recruit Foundation men, elite MTF units, crazy SCP devices or even non-hostile SCPs to aid in your battle against the Scarlet King and his army..

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0:00:00 Intro
0:00:06 Wave 0-5
0:04:23 Wave 6-10
0:08:29 Wave 11-15
0:11:52 Wave 16-20
0:17:13 The Reptile


  1. I know villager duster gives money but it’s damage is good but his cooldown makes it very bad

  2. Village duster is like a pro tower but for new player

  3. He just got this cool tower before some days of event

  4. Fun fact: I actually played this game before like months ago before I returned to tds, its not really interesting so I just quit after like 2 or 3 weeks of playing.

  5. I tried at able and reptile and I literally won with village duster and turncoat.

  6. i love your video s 🙂 (I want to go to your videos)

  7. What is the song used for the video? Because it sounds amazing!

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