Only Accelerators and Support Fallen Mode Roblox Tower Defense Simulator -

Only Accelerators and Support Fallen Mode Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

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Only Accelerators and Support Fallen Mode Roblox Tower Defense Simulator.

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  1. Why is gladiator a "support" tower

  2. Me who don’t have the accelerator bits is grinding for it:one day……..

  3. Video idea fallen gladiator only with supports

  4. Is it just me or is the game modes always harder then the boss themselves

  5. When someone use call of arms and someone got stunned after that someone upgrade it and it turns call of arms color from yellow into purple or white

  6. Accel easy win on any mode
    With rangers it's even more op

  7. Accelerators when they gotta charge: let's wave at some enemies and let them live
    Amazing content Goondex

  8. This is part 2 right for the part one cuz he lose at part one

  9. Acceleator ranger commander dj and farm Challenge please?

  10. Hi tell me please at the moment you can get toxic guner

  11. 1:05
    is no one is gonna ask the zombies going through the base and the music fits well

  12. Me sees the glads and toxic are still there when the accels are me clicks off vid*

  13. 16:30 Fallen King does a Spin when rage

    Also Fallen King: hold up one more

  14. from title you know pro you know a baby pro pro haha green green red brown orange red win gg

  15. Glator inst an support tower 0:38 u failed challenge this video said no any tower only support and accel

  16. Just like an ant vs a magnifying glass supported by the sun

  17. we did cliff towers only challenge with my friend, did u do that? if you didnt, here are the support towers actually: Ace pilot (for hd support), commander, dj.

  18. Accel only amd supports : there is gladiator
    Me : very challenge

  19. video:only accelerator and suport
    gladiator:wow now im the suport tower 😀

  20. you lied, you used gladiator(your friend did)

  21. You failed by using gladiator at the start

  22. A fun little story to do with accel. as soon as I got it I got swarmed by 5 people. (I am not a content creator or what ever.) they all asked to do event, hardcore, fallen etc. I immediately noticed they were all lvl 20 to 40 and when I said no cus I was playing with an friend they called me toxic and 3 people came not knowing what's going on. I explained and they knew that the 5 people were getting rude for no reason. Eventually they decided to get a life BUT when they were going away they said they reported me. how entitled can you be????

  23. accel VS fallen king accel easy : fallen hard

  24. Farm of 1 you own"upgrade me pliis:("

    Edit"why you delete why you not up me:("

  25. Alt title : how to make fallen king regret to live

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