Ohma Tokita & Nezuko Combo (Extreme Infinite Mode) | EXP Farm | Roblox All Star Tower Defense - fantasy-defense.com

Ohma Tokita & Nezuko Combo (Extreme Infinite Mode) | EXP Farm | Roblox All Star Tower Defense

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Roblox All Star Tower Defense: Ohma Tokita & Nezuko Combo (Extreme Infinite Mode), EXP Farm. Solo Gameplay
💨Discord Server:
💨Code Unit: navyxflame170kyoutubereal
6 Star: The Asura
100x Stardust
1000x Gems
1000x Gold
Level Requirement To Claim: (75+)
💨Infinite Mode is a game mode where enemies of all types in the game will keep spawning until you can’t defend your base anymore.
💨Extreme – You earn 3x the amount of EXPs and Gold as normal mode but the enemies have x10 more HP and are x3 faster.
The Asura is a 6-star unit based on the character Ohma Tokita, from Kengan Omega. he is a unit that was added 1/31/23 and and be unlocked by using NavyXFlames 170k subscriber code, navyxflame170kyoutubereal
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Tracks Used:
Intro: ROY KNOX x WTCHOUT – Shadows (Feat. Svniivan) [NCS Release]
💨[No Copyright Music] Retro 80’s Synthwave Instrumental FREE (Copyright Free) Retro Electronic Music
💨TULE – Fearless
💨Different Heaven & EH!DE – My Heart [NCS Release]

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  1. Crazy how op vegeta is i got to wave 95 with only vegeta and rewind

  2. When u gona do antihero + nezoko? Do it pls😁

  3. I think he is the perfect combo with nezuko alot of them got bleed

  4. can you do solo spirit and marine hq without starpass and stardust unit

  5. hey i just come back to the game 2 days ago so i didnt have katakuri 7* yet
    can i replace him with bb6 or ichigo 6*?

  6. You should put mochi as the leader bc he’s leader buff is +20% on siblings category and nezuko has siblings in her category.

  7. yo ace since i don’t have katakuri and gojo can i use jotaro 6 and bb6?

  8. Ace can you make vid about solo demon II story with ace and cooler pls im stuck at it :sobbing:

  9. I littarly steal loadouts from u lol keep on going beast

  10. Ngl this code gives you 100+ luck on Stardust banner i just got Cooler and Katakuri, Shoutout? 😀

  11. Hey if you get this message I just wanted to ask do dimples even respond or are in the summoning area anymore because I’ve been waiting for them to be in the summoning area and not one single one has spawn like or been put in the summoning area

  12. "The starting point of all achievement is desire." __Napoleon Hill

  13. Yooooo congratulations on reaching 100k subs which means you get to have the Silver Play Button.

    I remember when Challenge 1 came out it was soo difficult that I had to go on YT to find tutorials but all of them were confusing and too fast till I found your channel (I think you had somewhere about 10k subs). Your videos were very simple and understandable hence I chose to subscribe to you as your tutorial were so good tho I don’t play ASTD anymore as I’ve gotten bored of it.

    Anyway keep up the good work 👍 and hopefully you reach 200k sooner

  14. yo ace on the how to solo giant 2 in w2 astd what can I replace roger with (people in the comments u can help me plss)

  15. Who is hitting the airs because isn’t nezuko only hitting bleeds and no one is bleeding the airs ?

  16. It’s a match the light fills the room and it’s small enough to fit inside pockets

  17. I have a. Question when I use my Nezuko she won’t hit the ground units is she a air unit?

  18. Ace can you make a vid you soloing ex ticket raid for exp 6star pls

  19. Bro it's been years and still no one is taking void gojo's throne

  20. just played with you in revival raid and you carried me ty

  21. Ace Ace, I think I’m an idot, and also may be unmuted pls. I was trying to post a meme my friend sent me about the Roblox shut down, and I hit the copy message link instead of media link, (accidentally) and got muted, and lost my roles/verification, and ability to chat. My user is Enlightened #5829. It was 3747, but idk how it changed without nitro.

  22. my alt has both of them at lvl 100+ so Im having a field day lol, Now I just need to get luffy 6 star and 17 hq stars for my kata and a buff unit, I’ll take erwin any day it wont matter to me.

  23. Bro your more Lv then BlomSpot😂 and please give me a good unit I will subscribe ok👌

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