Offensive Towers - From Worst To Best - TDS/Tower Defense Simulator -

Offensive Towers – From Worst To Best – TDS/Tower Defense Simulator

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Before commenting, please be aware that this is my opinion, what I mention here is not fully facts but it’s only what I think.

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  1. i wouldn't put pyro in f tier, i'd put it in c- or somethin, all the pros out stand more than that 1 con %15 speed boost, it gives alot of money, it does dmaage even when not attacking it can even kill a normal boss believe it or not, and it is good in frost ik its not here anymore but its also useful in night 4 it gives you money like frost invasion

  2. Paintballer is op for a starter. Paintballer is better than rocketeer.

  3. 2:41 "if your made this a choice for a min dps tower, get some health." Hes using medic as his main dps tower in the backround

  4. Green scout better 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Tbh, these opinions honestly did better than mine. But when I said to people before that Turret is better than Accel but now I'm starting to think that Accel is actually better than Turret at 1st.

  6. If this was old tds there probably theres no F

  7. To be honest, sniper way better than freezer in my opinion.

  8. Pursuit can get stunned for some reason

  9. You forgot the hunter can detect flying enemies in hardcore

  10. I actually didn't think that scout will be in b tier

  11. The buff militant got literally just increased it by 3 dps its still worthless but
    people be like: WeLl PlUs 2 BuLlEt ReAlOd Is BeTtEr ThAn NoThInG

  12. Unpopular opinion: Pyro is b or c because of the defense melting. At max (which late game with farm isn’t very expensive) it can burn HALF of enemies shield like for the fallen guardians it allows the shield to go from 80 to 40 which more than compensates the 15% speed up sorry for typing a huge thing but yeah

  13. I rather spam ace pillots and rangers than buy a bunch of minigun and rangers, ace pillots are way better than minigun but the annoying thing is when the ace pillot is circling at another place, all your enemies leaked through it and thats is stooopeed

  14. he forgor the war machine and mecha base since its still usable

  15. paintballer should be in higher place since it can deal wave 1 to 5 in fallen as well

  16. what about hunter. Where he is?
    i think its a good tower

  17. Nothing personal but another dumb tier because they don't even include the usefullness

  18. Ranger or accel the battle still rages on

  19. I would actually give a turret a low A tier, since it has a big range, and a short cooldown of hits, it shreds not only tanky enemies but also the fast ones.

  20. "mortar is more expensive than rocketeer"
    Me: sees rocketeer is more expensive


  22. these towers are so offensive 😱😱😰😰😰😰😨😨😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. before the rework of scout i and my cousin did a scout only without supports and almost won molten mode xD

  24. When i was bit new in tds i buy rocketeer because i thought it can kill a abnormal boss because the rockets but just was bad tower lol

  25. Scout plane and hunter is good in night 1-3 it's good

  26. Ngl I feel like pyro doesn't deserve an F. He should be in around C because of defense melting and if you have toxic gunner equiped too then pyro's speed up ability doesn't matter too much.

  27. pursuit has more dps than ranger I think pls don't start war in reply section not up for this

  28. i think you forgot the freezer and put in in a BIG F

  29. Λεωνιδας Χριστόπουλος says:

    4 players that have pusuit can put 40 bc 10 times 4 is 40 so it is ez

  30. demo man can solo molten with mill base commander and dj

  31. demoman spam is effective (but there's better)

  32. 7:09 if there's many enemies then this tower is good for suppressing, but there aren't many occasions where it will be CONSTANTLY firing (personally I'd say its between A/B)

  33. my guess is that event towers were not included?

  34. Well what most people dont get is pyro may speed up enemys by 15 percent but you just place a toxic gunner beside pyro and the enemys slowed down medic isnt bad becuz it isnt meant for defence its more of a support tower militant doesnt do anything useful until its at level 3 even then it doesnt do great damage unless theres muiltiple of them these are my opinions though

  35. I love this video and completely agree, but the only thing I don’t agree with is the crook boss

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