Offensive Towers - From Worst To Best - TDS/Tower Defense Simulator -

Offensive Towers – From Worst To Best – TDS/Tower Defense Simulator

Vegan Shark
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Before commenting, please be aware that this is my opinion, what I mention here is not fully facts but it’s only what I think.

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  1. Oh, and another thing I disagree with. RANGER AND ACCEL ARE EQUAL??? REALLY???

  2. Ranger really needs commander becuz of it's firerate

  3. When you put pyro in f because it speeds up enemies it’s just some logic because if someon is on fire whouldnt panic?

  4. Rocket should be below paintballer, because paint is cheaper to buy in the shop and in the match while rocket is pricey for a high high dps of 8

  5. "But the most powerful are the missles" That'sa very poor choice of words.

  6. Fun fact: Sniper needs 3x more money than scout just to get less dps then scout and scout is cheaper

  7. Chain ด.ช.นิพพิชฌน์ ปลื้มหทัยกิจ says:

    freezer is worst than sniper cuz it does 0 dps at lvl 1 and it does only 2 dps at max lvl

  8. i think hunter is A the reason i say this is cuz flying and hidden and next event there will 100% come an flying and hidden enemy and thats where hunter becomes very good and its still good for hc and vampires so yeah thats my opinion and its also very cheap with the damage per shoot of 24 at max

  9. I do not know about the sniper I thought it was good

  10. Vegan, you forgot 1 thing : You may put the turret into A, because it cannot be stunned at all

  11. U should have put pyromancer in E-C tier but I mean your choice

  12. Turret deserves to be higher and ain't no way crook boss should be that high

  13. Σωτηρης Κουρδουκλας says:

    Basically demo should,d be an A tower bc no reload and no placement limit extremely cheap and 40 of them can do better work than 8 accel and they are cheaper than them.The only bad thing is hd

  14. Σωτηρης Κουρδουκλας says:

    Wait a min…. golden mini should be the third best tower and golden scout should be the 6th best tower

  15. The scout should be in A because the solar eclipse event

  16. 7:10 imagine being the exepnsive ingame tower with cost of robux or lvl 50 needed to only get it just to get beaten by a tower with 1,500 coins

  17. You need 40 more mini or 40 mini for to beat molten boss i think

  18. Fact: Videos that is like it are always bad

  19. fun fact : shotgunner at max lvl has the same damage like on the frost version

  20. shotgunner got nerfed and it does only 1 damage on lvl 0

  21. We only have 2 better (0th place) S+ mecha base and war machine. War machine is a decent dev tower bieng better than ten golden mini and the normal mini is already high up so you can see how good war machine is that shreds bosses with some spamming of them. Mecha base is down right OP because it spawns marks. It costs 5000 to place that is expensive but with upgrade costs the same as medic. It makes getting a 5000 HP unit easy to get and it’s already better than railgun tank at level 3 because they have same health but mecha base has more DPS. I can say mecha base is better than war machine and that is true, because they patched the glitch where they only spawn level 4 marks at level 5.

  22. (this isn't trying to change the list to what I think) Me: and what about the event towers?

  23. Wait till you hear about shotgunner before the buff😳😳😳😳

  24. Hold up.. I though it was 40 (sniper damage)

  25. I will say crook boss a “A” cuz in night 1 it does double the damage when upgrade in boss and I will say mini is “b” it’s good for mid game but not good for night 1

  26. I think turret should be at A bc with the right map and strat it can solo molten boss with coa chain and dj

  27. You forget something, like glad, slasher, farm, commander, dj… and more

  28. Put paintball in a+ it can kill lead and its heap

  29. Rocketeer is not that bad i got to round 37 with it i had to use ace pilot for hd

  30. I guess pyro is the best Tower in the F section


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