Noob To Pro - WE GOT MYTHIC UNIT! (EP. 3) | Toilet Tower Defense -

Noob To Pro – WE GOT MYTHIC UNIT! (EP. 3) | Toilet Tower Defense

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In this video, i’ll be doing Noob To Pro challenge in the game “Toilet Tower Defense”! This is episode 3, so stay tune for the future episodes! Sit back and enjoy the video as you watch until the end!

Link to the game:

Original Series Inspired by @WeloRBLX

I also have a Roblox Group! if you want to join heres the link:

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  1. Yooo I was in the video I’m imgreenbutfoolball

  2. Bro you are so lucky dude I wish I had your luck dude cuz that’s insane

  3. damn it took them the first time like 30 minutes to beat desert i can beat cam hq in that time

  4. but congrats for getting a mythic thats really good

  5. Can I get added maybe I subscribe it’s okey if it’s no I just want to help

  6. Bro got 2 legendary cars but when I tried getting it I got only epic rares uncommons and basics;(

    BTW you inspired me:)

  7. Insane luck but gg tho, hope you'll solo toilet hq soon

  8. What kind of GTX/RTX do you have on your PC?

  9. can you gift me a crate my user is ottowagenman20

  10. i think i should do some off camera grinding
    but that luck on another level

  11. aw man thats awsome ive used over 200k with luckboost and haven’t gotten any mythics…

  12. I got my mythic at my first x10summon no luck boost btw

  13. congrats dude getting cinma man and others beside i was making a goal to get every tv man i got tv man large tv man and titan just cinma man is left and tv women

  14. so a little question do u have like an alt acc with like a legendary and could u give me it i really want one but my luck is bad

  15. Nice i got the titan cameraman upgraded without luck boosts or anything! Great vid

  16. Ah yes life is unfar good job getting that mate I got from a 2 week and good job again

  17. My brother got titan cinema like 2 hours after we started playing it was such a surprise tho I expected it as he often gets stuff like that in games I show him but I’m just so happy for him as cinema man is one of his favourites

  18. using friends is cheating bruv
    edit – and how did you have scientist cameraman?? Like wth are u p2w??

  19. Can i join my only best unit is cameraman helicopter can i?

  20. Bro called me a noob in just 3 episodes while i grinded this whole game for weeks

  21. bruh i spent 11k coins and the lucky boost and the most i got is like 2 legendarys

  22. I uses the PlzMythic code and it doesn’t work anymore. Is it because i type it wrong or is it because it went invalid

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