Noob To Pro In Toilet Tower Defense Roblox Get Legendary Unit! -

Noob To Pro In Toilet Tower Defense Roblox Get Legendary Unit!

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  1. He deserve SO much more subs.
    Get him to atleast 1 million or 500k bro

  2. Quick question how long does it take to get 4600 coins?

  3. Bro camerawoman is not a he is a she just Kingston your just a kid

  4. Bro said camerawoman is a he when she's a she

  5. I actually have a tip to get legendary faster but might take some time.
    So basically
    5 commons = uncommon
    5 uncommons = rare
    5 rares = epic
    5 epics = legendary
    I don't mind if you offer lots of epics to get a legendary

  6. PRO TIP FOR BEGINNERS: When your starting out as a beginner in ttd, don’t go on toilet city but instead go to the map Toilet HQ also known as the hardest map, The goal here is to lose BUT you need to lose at wave 10 cuz in normal toilet city you get 50 as winning but in toilet h.q. its more faster you also get 50 for losing in wave 10 and plus in toilet city it takes 16 minutes to beat just to get 50 coins but in toilet HQ only 3 minutes or less for you to get 50 (you can just use the speaker-man to do this and it actually works)

    Hope this helps! and the devs don’t see this :c

  7. Not to be rude or harass you but arent you a mayrush copy or do u give him credit?

  8. Bro i need something can u help and keep the work my username is kennyakiema add me so i can trade u

  9. I Like How you got 427 Couns for AFK but I tried it but It gives me the afk screen and only got 20Coins

  10. Also codes don't exist anymore they got removed

  11. Mee I like toilet can I have ittt plsss im a fan of you

  12. Mee I like toilet can I have ittt plsss im a fan of you

  13. ⁠​⁠ pls sign my mythic utc I really want him to be signed I have been watching since you had like 8k I love you please sign (username: braxthesonic display:TTDS_furryhatar cus I hate furry and TTDS means toilet tower defense supere and supere means super e witch stands for e sport pls sign @Justkingstone I love you ❤️

  14. Sheesh bro theres no way im bored watching you

  15. I think this guy is my new favorite yt everyone just skips every part and p2ws like 20k
    But this guy spends his time trying to get stuff ty for making the vid bro

  16. i miss old toilet td in episode 53 update

  17. I rmeber playing ttd when it was only 2 maps and my first summon was a legendary speaker titan

  18. Oh the good old days of TTD when everyone used legendaries and large speakerman was so OP

  19. I miss old toilet tower defense😢😢😔😞😭😭

  20. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. It’s been 5 months now we have godly and mythics and so much more! The new rarest unit is the corrupted camera man halloween

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