Noob to Pro in Toilet Tower Defense Grind *FASTER* -

Noob to Pro in Toilet Tower Defense Grind *FASTER*

Menacing Duretos
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  1. Tips for beginners: once you have epics grind on palm paradise on hard

  2. 0:25
    Let's just appreciate how much a lot of time he puts in these awesome videos to make our day, huge respect! 😆 👍

  3. My favorite unit uts (upgraded titan speaker)

  4. My favorite unit is upgraded titan speakerman

  5. Aha mam 4mithici 1 cinemaman 2 camera 3spekar 4coraptet camera

  6. Bro I used to have upgraded Titan speakerman now I don't broo😊

  7. Bro he's my favourite guy on toilet tower defence

  8. Let’s try to get 500 comments pls don’t spam btw one comment = free unit hope this don’t blow up

  9. so like. this reminded me when the first time i got laser cam car. i had like 400 coins and on the last 100 i got laser cam car. i traded it for a titan cam. and i thought titan speakermana normal was better since it did more damage. but i was wrong. so i traded the titan speakerman for a mech and traded that mech for jetpack cameraman but i downgraded it all to a tv woman. keep in mind. i never knew the values

  10. Tip don’t auto skip that much or it will lag out ur game

  11. who like upgraded titan speakerman ?

  12. Can i trade 50 gems for your mech pls i need it

  13. Teen meets Vietnamese people haha ​​I'm also Vietnamese
    That sentence means: 50 gems is only this much

  14. Menacing duretos can I get a signed too im a big fan of your channel i subscribe

  15. My favorite unit is : UPDATED TITAN SPEAKERMAN

  16. get 10K and become partner bro ive been watching but not commenting so this is day 1 of getting this man to partner

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