Noob To Pro Episode 5 | Toilet Tower Defense -

Noob To Pro Episode 5 | Toilet Tower Defense

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trading boys

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  1. Welo I have his tradable speaker but gave it away for cinema cuz it’s going down in value

  2. it not a noob to pro it a trading idk why you do this you are going trade make a noob to pro trade not this one bruh

  3. and i know why you didnf have mroe like becouse you lie not a pro to noob it trading

  4. Rule 2. I can use 2 friends only

    Used 4 friends:

  5. bro I though it said “large racist cameraman” 😭😭

  6. Welo is underrated asf
    👇 if u agree

  7. You know it’s a good day when this guy uploads

  8. Bro Telanthric has added eardrum destroyer in crate😮😮

  9. All units are f2p cuz trading HAHAHAHA MORE SUFFER!!!!! sorry man but this is gunna take 86000000 episodes

  10. Hello welo im trying to be a YouTuber and your videos inspire me to make good videos thanks for the value list

  11. welo i was in ur stream before mythics i loved it

  12. and the next day i saw ur vid and u got speaker upgrade with evan

  13. Is 20k coins Get a mythic or no with no luck boost

  14. New sub here nice vid keep going i would like to watch this cuz im f2p

  15. ur toilet tower defense vids are more worth it than the game itself

  16. Hi welo can you help me im got scammed by my friend😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Rip my titan speaker man upgrade

  17. Hi Welo!Sheesh bro the amount of time u put into these videos are crazy!

  18. I just don't understand how people can just become pros from trading I can't even pull off 1 trade

  19. bro i saw you playing the new skibidi toilet td and i didnt think you were real

  20. Welo I’m so glad you made episode 5 and today was my lucky day I got a mythic from a trade witch is upgraded Titan cameraman but I got in a trade with someone and THEY GAVE ME TITAN CINEMAMAN and I traded them my upgraded Titan cam and that’s it (but I don’t want to trade my cinemaman and my friend is having it for a bit)

  21. Welo by watching your vids I also got inspired to be a youtuber I'm also doing a noob to pro seires.( and yes I gave credits)

  22. bro its not even ep 5 its ep 58 bcz of update logo you scammer

  23. Pro tip🚨‼️‼️Always open 10 crates instead of 1 everytime you get +1 free crate because you pay 900 for 10 crates 🚨NEVER OPEN 1 CRATE AT THE TIME SAVE THR COINS🚨 and btw good viedio👍

  24. Honestly speaker men value should get increased to 30k or something

  25. blud said f2p units and I saw

    scientist cam

    large scientist cameraman

    engineer cam

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