Noob to Max! Unlocking all maps on Bubble Gum Tower Defense! Roblox -

Noob to Max! Unlocking all maps on Bubble Gum Tower Defense! Roblox

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Noob to Max! Unlocking all maps on Bubble Gum Tower Defense! Roblox

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  1. This game is a clear rip off of BTD 5. Kinda upsets me but atleast they changed certain things


  3. Hold up this looks kinda like bloons tower defense eh its properly inspired

  4. snow's pov:


  5. @SnowRBX When u going to do anime fighter videos?

  6. I like how cute/cool they made in the game for the pets holding cute smol weapons

  7. Hey snow can we see a new video on Anime Dimensions again, they recently got a pretty big update, thx for reading and have a good day/night/afternoon.

  8. I DID
    ITS ME from BGS Robloc ''RobotNerdOfficial'' hope u remember

  9. Broo this is so nice and I'm very happy for you but aren't you gonna upload about the afs update?

  10. me: I WANT TO PLAY IT NOW!!!! I CANT FIND IT lol
    edit: found it

  11. Love the new content but does this mean ur quitting astd or u will still cover astd update once in a while

  12. This game just copying bloons tower defense

  13. Bruh where is anime fighters update video I’ve been waiting for days

  14. this is just balloons tower defense
    but on roblox

  15. The game is literally bloons td but on roblox and different towers to put down

  16. Btd 6 and btd battles 2 (which i reccomend playing+its free): ah yes another cheap copy

  17. The upgrade system reminds me of bloons tower defense

  18. The upgrades are just like copies of bloons tower defense.

  19. Just came back to your channel and WOW, it's crazy how much you fell off. 18k views in 18 hours, how sad

  20. It’s nice to see snow play games like bubble gum simulator instead of astd

  21. SPAM BOMBER BEAR 0-3-2 AND Ninja to 0-3-2 as well on the back for stealths then upgrade all ninja bunny to 0-4-2 and when you have more then 10 ninja bunnys spam more 0-3-2 bears,bear 0-3-2 upgrade cost 1039(dont forget thr placement coat 375)bunny 0-3-2 1540,bunny 0-4-2 3490

  22. this game is bassically an entire copy of btd 6. insta pets insta monkeys very similar and pets do have some very similar upgrades from monkeys

  23. This game reminds of bloons td 6

  24. This is game basically a copy of btd6-

  25. just go buy bloons td 6 it’s way better and this is just a copy of it

  26. my strat spam 2 3 0 or 0 3 2 bomber bears and for stealth ninja 2 3 0

  27. Spider is just like bb6, it slows! And bear looks like the circle AOE units

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