Noob Speed Runs on ASTD (PART 3) | Using Tradeable Units | Roblox All Star Tower Defense -

Noob Speed Runs on ASTD (PART 3) | Using Tradeable Units | Roblox All Star Tower Defense

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Roblox All Star Tower Defense: Noob Speed Runs on ASTD (PART 3), Using Tradeable Units. Challenge 1 & 2, Extreme Story Mode.
💨Extreme Mode: Players earn 3x the amount of XP and units, while the enemies’ HP are increased.
💨Story Mode is the main game mode of the game, with each area being based on different anime locations.
💨Challenge 1 is the Challenge based on Demon Slayer.
💨Reward: the player will receive the Fire Rage Orb.💨Challenge 2 is a Challenge based on Fire Force.
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Tracks Used:Intro: ROY KNOX x WTCHOUT – Shadows (Feat. Svniivan) [NCS Release]
Track 1: Jarico – Air [NCS BEST OF]
Track 2: Ikson – Last Summer [NCS Fanmade]
Track 3: Tobu – Turn It Up [NCS Release]
Track 4: Julius Dreisig & Zeus X Crona – Invisible [NCS Release]
Track 5: NEFFEX – Unstoppable 👊 (Copyright Free)

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  1. Still here me are still signing in for the acc omg gtg take my medication

  2. Sheesh free 6 star with a orb and a 4 star can beat challenge 1 normal this guy is underrated

  3. 4:00 can anyone tell me when did the devs make akaza bald?cuz i dont remember him having so little hair on his head :>

  4. Nice vid bro❤️
    I like how u do all in extreme

  5. Hey Ace! Haven’t been watching much because of classes but ur challenge 3 video helped a lot! Keep up the good work and stay safe!

  6. Your alt acc is highier Than my main acc

  7. there are alot of all star great strat maker youtubers but, I'll say again "he" is the most entertaining the most respectful one out of all, goodjob mate

  8. Theres No way he did the impossible when he just beat it in extreme JJK and SPYRAMID broooo they have trillions of health..

  9. Hey Ace which map I have to beat to get the fire orb?

  10. Sheesh, man I think you are in like top 5 of the best astd youtubers you are so cool. Keep up the work !

  11. how i w`-ish i could get that much genos

  12. aceacetuber always with those bangers sheeshhh man i been watching since trial 2-3

  13. First time i watch u i thinked u have more than 400k but only 70k keep going im sure u reach 200k or more on end of this year

  14. I love how this guy just easily does challenge 1 and 2 with only 2 units

  15. Ele fax com o conpotadore ou com o telemofel

  16. please I want good air I have bad one he don't can kill air in wave 45 I want any good air please 😅

  17. I really wanted dabi but still don’t know how to trade and luck

  18. im level 115 not even on soul pyramid story mdoe lol

  19. Can I have your Roblox acc I will give you mine I’m lvl 70 in astd

  20. Oi sou brasileiro e assisto todas suas séries e vídeos.
    Boa sorte amigo, torso para que você cresça cada vez mais nessa plataforma de vídeos.

  21. Hi ace so I have a question about saskue orb farming, is it ok for me to use 5 star genos with fire rage orb and then use bomb orb for todoroki? It’s because I noticed you didn’t put in genos

  22. Wow nice vid. I have a question did i see you in a game of bedwars a few hours ago? Im just asking

  23. what is the name of the song you use in the tamb of your videos?

  24. Can you make a video using meta-knight in challenge 3, I've wait it so long.

  25. Can someone help me at challenge 3 cause I kept messing around at that Challenge

  26. Hi i’m searching some guy who can help me on challenge 3 so please if you can help me on challenge 3 send me a message on my commentary , if i don’t answer i’ts because i’m in school or i’m sleeping so yea ty and answer me

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