NEW UPDATE! 2 New 7 Stars + UPDATE TIME RELEASED! (All Star Tower Defense Leaks) -

NEW UPDATE! 2 New 7 Stars + UPDATE TIME RELEASED! (All Star Tower Defense Leaks)

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WHO IS EXCITED FOR THE NEW 7 STAR MHA UPDATE?! Hopefully Luffy is the one making the unit…. WATCH HIS FANMADE VIDEO:

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  1. Hey Blam Keep The Great Vids Coming Through!

  2. Broo I want 3x speed so bad but i can’t afford it 😢

  3. I understand that making content on this game only can get hard, so maybe try a different game, like ABA or something because it’s getting good once again.

  4. Bruh i remember they forgot the boruto update who else remember

  5. Dang i hope they make deku 7 star Super Good i dont like the fanmade king luffy made its like 6 star deku '-' My user is LaujantheLaujan

  6. Blam please find a way to max star pass on mobile

  7. Bro can you get straight to the point, don't post "new update" and everyone gets on the game for no reason

  8. I like, comment, and subscribe, and my username is Xinbiao for the 3x gamepass giveaway.

  9. I quited playing astd because of this YouTuber whit all of his clickbate I get tricked, i waste my time and I do not know what to do about this because of this YouTuber

  10. Blamspot can you add a 7 star saitama and 7 star cosmic garou and 6 star genos on a new special banner from the manga

  11. I really hope the star pass lasts at least another week cause I am not high enough tier

  12. How long is left for me to get level 100 on star pass?

  13. Blamspot:Guys sorry about no speed wagon he’s coming back in April 17th 2023!!!

  14. i liked and sub and my user is dionnell561

  15. Wow bro i wish i get that 3x 😋

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