NEW TOWER UIU - SCP Tower Defense Roblox -

NEW TOWER UIU – SCP Tower Defense Roblox

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NEW TOWER UIU plus leaderboards! New Update
Scrolling through on Roblox and saw SCP Tower defense and wanted to make a video! I find this game to be very fun and I really like the coffee machine XD. If you haven’t played it yet GO PLAY NOW :). I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and take care!

SCP Tower Defense –


Outro song : Future Speak – guestroom.

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  1. I think thst tower realy not bad and try to play frontlines tower defense

  2. lol at 10:19 my friend was standing right next to u lol, i just told him in game when i watched this lol

  3. I remeber in red lake everyone used to say uiusless. But look at them now. Also nice Video continue with your td content 👍

  4. Some Skins look like the bois from Team Fortress 2 XD

  5. Great content but do you wanna play sometime?

  6. Want to duo sometime [username is gabemaster2000] level 105.

  7. You have improved over the year great job hope you are going to have a great life 😃

  8. New update nice btw I well not always comment now

  9. i think UIU officer little too op xddddddddd

  10. looks like UIU give all towers bouns damage but if you if you place so much UIU THEY get SO MUCH DAMAGE

  11. Well the uiu isn't so useless after all lol

  12. I think UIU over powered tower,we with 1 my friend with boosts of damage scp 999,CI turncoat and slime,includes + UIU ability get 210% buff damage and can more,if UIU of other players can work with your.Can you make video about.maximal buff of damage with UIU and try get better DPS i think it's a 150+ DPS

  13. can you try this build Goc wanderer dr gerald tickle monster coffee machine in Xk

  14. Hey Coffee, wanted to let you know that I'm working on a tower defense game and maybe you could play it when it's finished!

  15. can you have the new level map is the animated level 94 pls make contenrt that pls?

  16. How –
    You take care of XK Class like it was butter on the other hand im struggling

  17. Is uiu good can you give me infomation off uiu i dont see it too good

  18. Hey LuvYacOFFEE, What's your intro music? Thanks for responding!

  19. best channel !!, lol it was funny when your towers weren’t there haha.

  20. you should also try like a roleplay game called SCP: Site Roleplay (guns kill) there are literally all SCPs including 106 and 096 it’s an epic game (buy IA, it’s the best op gamepass, the IA/O5’s Room is Extraordinary.!

  21. Dam I still gotta grind a lot for LVL towers.
    Also, have u thinked about playing TBZ again? (Just to know).
    I like those videos

  22. i actually recently got into a match of library with garganticus, he was nice , not what i was expecting

  23. can u do a viewer build tommorow ( village duster evoled rrh tickle monster coffee machine)

  24. Les go a UIU tower now we need more GOC towers

  25. just sating new specter tower if you didn't know (you probably already knew just saying)

  26. when you beat fallen king with scouts

  27. UIU is just hong kong, they benefit from overpopulation

  28. Uiu is op with blood of red lake

  29. It's sad that XK gamemode on any map is easier than Wanderer's Library and True Red Lake.

  30. This was the start of the tower safe bug……..

  31. UIU officer is the definition of Apes toghered strong

  32. The only universe where the uiu is useful

  33. I thought you miss spelled uwu at first with uiu

  34. WHO uses UIU anymore it’s literally forgotten lol

  35. Alternative name for this video: XK solo with UIU, Coffee machine and SCP-999

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