New Tower Maz Hatter SCP Tower Defense -

New Tower Maz Hatter SCP Tower Defense

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New Tower Maz Hatter SCP Tower Defense.

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Welcome to SCP Tower Defense! Recruit Foundation men, elite MTF units, crazy SCP devices or even non-hostile SCPs to aid in your battle against the Scarlet King and his army..

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0:00:00 Intro
0:00:06 Wave 0-5
0:03:56 Wave 6-10
0:08:25 Wave 11-15
0:12:37 Wave 16-20
0:18:42 The Reptile


  1. Is that wat in wanted 😀

  2. I founad a too op combo at this game slime strange gadet+CI on max+999 = +135 dmg buff lol I instantly killed xk class boss xd

  3. Challenge Tower Defense Simulator:30 Militants Vs Molten boss Support:Commander Farm

  4. Maz hatter is kind like toxic gunners in tds
    Maz hatter better with toxic gunners and maz hatter has toxic shotgun

  5. Maz hatter is kinda good, It might be better than Able tower

  6. Man why people always play games Look like made in 2015???

  7. I am hazard and have dangerous diease -Maz hatter

  8. Bro if you can make a video with music tututuuuutuu

  9. I triumph calamity by just spamming and maxing maz hatters and spamming and maxing nine tailed fox

  10. Maz is nice, by the way should i buy mole rats or Maz?

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