NEW Tower Defense Game - HYC Tower Defense Roblox -

NEW Tower Defense Game – HYC Tower Defense Roblox

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Ayooo! We got another New Tower Defense Game on Roblox HYC Tower Defense! This one looks so dope. I love the lobby the towers look fun I need to get more XD SADLY NO FREECAM 🙁 If you need another TD game to play here ya go XD If you haven’t played… GO PLAY NOW BOZOS! 🙂 I hope everyone has a wonderful day and take care!

HYC Tower Defense:

🗡️Team up with your friends against hordes of enemies that rapidly evolve overtime. Buy new Towers, Find new strategies, Fight on new maps and join exciting events! Remember, You’re humanity’s last line of defense, Good Luck out there, Soldier.🗡️

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Outro song : Future Speak – guestroom.

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  1. Fire video yet again. I´m excited for the party stream 😀

  2. Bro has the best intro out of all the youtubers like fr btw I love ur content so much 😉

  3. Coffee i have a question when u will come back to tbz? (it means Tower blitz)

  4. Hey coffee,here’s some tips for NIC!
    Firstly,the best exp grinder is doomspire on normal mode,gives atleast 54 EXP each run and if you need to lvl up some units try it!
    Secondly,if you see enemy supply depots,headquarters or any outposts it’s probobly a offensive map,if there’s none it’s probably a defensive.
    Thirdly,always try to target the more dangerous units+sometimes there’s units that are in the objective bar and if its “Defend ____” try to follow it where ever you can.
    Fourthly, try to keep your supply units back because the enemy always targets them.
    Fifthly,enemies have infinite fuel but enemy planes don’t.
    Sixthly,when you finish western and pacific front you will unlock a “special” area in the shop where you can buy Light Gunship(helicopter)and Radio Tech(a unit that can one shot with its second attack and has crowd control for its first attack)and I suggest you get Light Gunship as it can really help you get farther in the game because it can get to the farthest areas of maps in atleast 2-3 turns.
    Seventhly,Light Gunships fuel doesn’t go down when it moves,goes down every turn+the devs added if it gets to 0 fuel it can still move.
    Eighthly,when your Light Gunships fuel goes to 1 or 0,don’t attack or you won’t be able to land.
    That’s enough tips for NIC,might comment more on the next vid.

  5. thanks for review hyc tower defense!!! very cool video
    – Owner CTG –

  6. man sure do love paying taxes while watcing videios capitalisem at is finreest

  7. at this point video games aren't even fun bc of depression and all the pressure that parents and others create

  8. Due to you i have legit outmastered all tower defense games 😔

  9. i was the gebs girl in the goofy tower defense why you no help but is ok i have the monies and keep up the good vids they actually getting better

  10. i was the gebs girl in the gooft td game i was lv 1 now 60 why didnt you help?Its ok now i have the monies you are the master of tds games and the grinder you should get better equipment (no offense just saying you deserve better equipment)you are doing good without it too (i mean the better equipment).

  11. Just to tell the owner spell some word coming wrong lol
    btw i'm the dev of the game and if don't believe it go to the group

  12. Tester here.

    The game was sadly discontinued because of "alot things happend, i keep see developer left, new developer join. for now studio work like a bot, most just bc i help them" the grammar is bad because i copied and pasted it from the owner, he will abandon ALL of his games. This game will still be opened but will never be updated again.


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