NEW TOWER Chaos Insurgency Turncoat - SCP Tower Defense ROBLOX -

NEW TOWER Chaos Insurgency Turncoat – SCP Tower Defense ROBLOX

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Guys finally NEW UPDATE a NEW TOWER was released Chaos Insurgency Turncoat

Scrolling through on Roblox and saw SCP Tower defense and wanted to make a video! I find this game to be very fun and I really like the coffee machine XD. If you haven’t played it yet GO PLAY NOW :). I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and take care!

SCP Tower Defense –

Outro song : Future Speak – guestroom.

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  1. Want to see now oh and btw I need to be fast bc I need to sleep like 5 more minutes

  2. GREAT video and how do you unlock the CI tower and thank you for makeing me play this game!!

  3. YOO coffee remember me? Btw how is ur day and mine is good Nd that was a nice game sasly we died cuz of forest guy..

  4. Can you play world tower defense sometime it's a really cool game

  5. you really deserve more subs
    i love ur content

  6. always wanted to ask, would you like to collab with me on the next week event?

  7. yo, you're gaining subs real fast! nice!!

  8. the i is great ci still think that tickle monster is better since ci is rng also there is a 1% chance of the bell doing an op buff/support or whatever it is I currently do not know what it is as its a 1% chance tho

  9. also you can kill the boss faster and easier if you use jeager bombers instead of the funny chaos men the reason for that being is jeager bomber has aoe as pretty much everyone knows while chaos dude man doesnt which makes it so you struggle way more since less aoe = more squisher enemies passing and since ur towers are gonna focus on the enemies that arent the boss you will be doing less dps to the boss but if you are playing with 2 or more people make sure one of yall have ci equipped its gonna help a lot

  10. I want to play with you in tower defense simulator

  11. Did that scared you the red ball scp think bc it scared me to XD

  12. Hey is there any farm towers except for SCP-294/The Coffee Machine?

    Edit: Is there also a a way to get money fast? Like I'm still level 3 (D-Class, NTF, Fire Eater, Site Guard, The Coffee Machine)

  13. Ur literally 1 sub away from 400 subs rn


  15. An overview of the Xk-class towers:

    GOC: well, nothing to say about, it's essential in xk unless you have both see no evil and nu 7, and have God rng

    Able: essential again, can be replaced by goc tho, just don't use nu 7 early on

    999: 50 percent dps buff, can't ask for more

    samsara: good in late game against swarms of tanks, worse than able in early game tho

    gerald(car man): if you have this use it, safer round

    chaos: well it teleports enemies backwards
    so it's not bad, and the damage buff is good

    tower Loadout you need:

    1 main damage tower( Nu 7, see no evil, goc)

    1 early game tower(samsara, able)

    1 to 2 support towers(999, ci)

    1 effect tower(fire eater high level, mole rats, jaegar, iris)

    1 cash tower( no need if solo or duo)


    1 damage ability(missile, lightning, best is black hole) OR 1 damage buff ability(obviously slime)

    1 stun/teleport ability( Golden, shadow)

  16. Link of the game pls I can't find the game

  17. U seem to be growing faster
    U had just hit 400 subs 2 days ago and ur already at 428 at this moment

  18. cool content you should play survival or horror games on roblox

  19. killzombie

  20. sheeeeeesh almost 10k views on this vid

  21. Wait your CI tower in thumbnail is from SCP: Roleplay?

  22. I love you're content and tbh I solo xk class able coffe blood hunter goc tickle monster gadgets is strange slime with dark singularity
    Strat:put a blood hunter then after wave 2 put 2 blood hunter wave 3 put 2 blood hunter again wave 4 put the max limit of blood hunter I'll edit it soon cuz lazy once u reply to me

  23. just happy that he used the ci scp rp outfit in the thumbnail

  24. I just got blood of red lake and dark singularity

  25. Btw the reason why CI is working for scp foundation, the name says “turncoat” which means that CI is not working for CI and is now working for scp foundation

  26. aint no way i see guy with good editing and chill videos has only 8k subs bruh u deserve way more

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