New TDS Present Farm Skin Code! (Tower Defense Simulator) -

New TDS Present Farm Skin Code! (Tower Defense Simulator)

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so yeah enjoy your farm skin and Merry Christmas!

Song : TDS OST – Solar Eclipse Lobby

Other than that it’s from the game

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  1. Nothing special,just showing a new code although im kinda late xdEdit : forgot to put this in the vid,but only available until 26th of December! (devs timezone btw)

  2. The skin is pretty cool no cap all facts

  3. Is the code gonna be avaible tommorow?, bcs is night at my place so i cant put the code

  4. Nice the code will expired I can't get it why because I got banned for 7 days

  5. The farm is cool but too big btw merry christmas to you And all

  6. i love how the present farm skin copyed the christmas 2019 tree farm skin

  7. there is the old tds called retro tds real type retro tds in roblox

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