NEW TANKS TOWER/WAVE 55 | Tower Defense Simulator ROBLOX -

NEW TANKS TOWER/WAVE 55 | Tower Defense Simulator ROBLOX

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rally for the GDI


  1. ah yes when freezer was op and then mini was just the best tower in the game farm did nothing AND GLAD WAS STILL TRASH

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😨😭 im will daed

  3. I went 50 waves with my new friend and another partner

  4. Two devs: work for tower battles
    When TDS comes out: makes the map and adds the devs and burn Planet3arth
    Rip Planet3arth

  5. YouTube crashed when the molten boss was spawned

  6. me: bruh why dont you use the classic skin now since its 2021 the classic skin is the skin that it had as soon as it came out
    JOHN: ok i will butwhat crate?
    me:premium skincrate.
    JOHN: ok

  7. That is one freaking fat truck I named it that way it’s really slow

  8. I love for the Easter egg of beef and biscuit burning planet how beef is just eating his hamburger

  9. John: sings revenge
    Captions swing our big * side to side side side to side

  10. ima make a fan art of planet burning below with a lava bucket while doing the l on em’ on a new map

    ( also am very exited for summer event )

  11. I feel like hardcore is a call back to old insane mode before golden mode was removed and when fallen king was not a thing because it spawns all the boss dudes

  12. Ah yes when the mili base spawned scooters instead of cars

  13. Very nice very nice,nice tanks man I like the green tank more lol

  14. Below had the leave lol as a joke

  15. i used to play this and i miss the golden boss old memories now

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