New Shops And Jevils Third Rework! Deltarune Tower Defense -

New Shops And Jevils Third Rework! Deltarune Tower Defense

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  1. Again if it isn't clear, you get the special Chaos income by beating Deltarune Endless levels. You can find Deltarune Endless in the Dark World, NOT IN FLOWEY'S ENDLESS OPTION. I have been told you have to beat Chaos King first.

  2. i was at the stream and people where spamming "jevil is bad since rework" id say jevil is omega flowey for deltarune it can get off some of the enemys big hp but for a cost like when i was fighiting a 166k hp chaos king placed jevil 3 times and it killed the king

  3. is jevils tp slower than other special souls?

  4. Thx for previewing it i am gonna get jevil tmrw

  5. Actually jevils 10% uograde is 25 chaos for the first one and it double so the secound one would be 50 third 100 fourth 200 and so on

  6. so like jevil is just an omega flowey now

  7. jevil costs 3 income with jevil morph

  8. I have the Jevil morph, and it is 3 dark income for me, not 5. but people say my morph is useless now. Is it true Jevil morph doesn’t make the dark income cost go down?

  9. I think if anyone is going to get to a high room number in endless, you would need all the morphs for cheaper towers.

  10. if you have the morph for jevil then it costs 3 Dark income also it looks bad but its really good (if you have it with morph then you can carry anyone in most bosses)

  11. How does somebody reset in the new update?

  12. they nerfed jevil to the ground with this one

  13. Jevil is like omega flowey i dont think is bad but is not that good in normal battles is good in boss battles

  14. How many time do you need to level up 25% dark income until you get max

  15. King needs a hard buff. Just got a 400 defense King with 261K HP. I only had four tower types that could pierce his defense and I still won.

  16. Can somebody explain? I somehow placed Jevil in the undertale tds and he was already maxed out, worked perfectly fine, and never gained TP.
    Also, for some reason in deltarune tds Jevil gains TP very fast.
    Or is it supposed to be like that?

  17. But how do we get chaos I tried killing jevil the boss for it and did other normal battles and yet I didn’t get it

  18. so basically the upgrade TP gain thing is useless if anyone is using jevil

  19. If jevil is now a new omega flowey. now im afraid that spamton neo gonna be like jevil too

  20. Jevil is basically omega flowey, should only be used in emergency or on a boss, I like jevil now, it’s actually good.

  21. Jevil costs 4 DI with morph now, I’m fairly upset.

  22. They changed Jevil's attack boost upgrade to duration boost. He's literally just Deltarune Omega Flowey.

  23. jevil is no longer bad cause I got cheaper income now the income just costs 3 income upgrades

  24. Does upgrading your TP gain stat affect the speed Jevil disappears or not?

  25. The tp is trash with jevil rework😢

  26. Challenge

    Try to beat Jevil with only:

    1 Special Darkner/Hero

    3 Monsters slots only

  27. For me it gives +more jevil life time instead of damage

  28. do u have a updated jevil guide? sense the this update changed him i think

  29. I feel like this rework is actually pretty dumb,He was amazing as a regular unit,but this entire rework is just annoying,now I feel like I wasted my time getting jevil.

  30. Hi, help me. I have Jevil worth 5 Dark income. And you have $4,500 how did you do it?

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