NEW Pixel Tower Defense Game.. | ROBLOX -

NEW Pixel Tower Defense Game.. | ROBLOX

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saw lots of people playing this roblox tower defense game, it’s pretty new and kinda fun with its new game thing to combine towers with your own weapons of choice to make combos


hey guys u can become a member now:


  1. you should use the lag switcher and the armagedon it's op

  2. I used to play pixel gun 3d back in 2012 all the way to 2016-17, it was very fun before the p2w season feature

  3. Fun fact it’s not a new game if you look at when it’s made it’s on 6/13/2021

  4. As a player who played PG3D i remember my old pg3d channel and all those players i met

  5. Oh Yeah My Pixel 3D Game play use ultraniun or else

  6. Pixel gun 3d was made in 2013 by rilisoft, a russian/cypriot studio, i enjoyed the times back in 2014 when the game was cool and its jjst minecraft with guns
    now the game is Absolute garbage with nothing to see but pay2win and spammish users

  7. the owner told me "Atleast I'm straight", homophobic

  8. John would def try and play Pixel Gun 3D when he finds out this td is based on a game

  9. pixel gun 3d was sooooooooooooooooooo fun but the game became too p2w and it was just unfun cause everyone had broken weapons

  10. How do you feel about transfer infection games on Roblox?

  11. I play that and my brother very pro at that but he quit he played it 2014 to 2017 or 2018

  12. John roblox is doom slayer but in a cooking outfit.

  13. ( Defeat the boss) slender man: HI SISTERS

  14. it’s so nostalgic to see pixel gun 3d finally getting recognition again through a roblox game, good ol’ days just killing everyone with 3 cat spam with exterminator lol

  15. All the maps is based on Pg3d And yes I also play that

  16. I hope they add the anti champion rifle😊

  17. You can actually cancel tower placement you just click back the button which you press to go into placement mode

  18. Its been soo long since ive played pixel gun 3d

  19. I remember in pg3d I 1v1’d esoteric inc and got on his YT

  20. pixel gun 3d was like the on every phone back on 2013-2016

    it was a fun time

  21. "Can you sell your tower so I can place mine down" 🤓

  22. The thing that I hate of pixel battles is a p2w game

  23. Bro just went to another tds game coz he got banned for bullying and trolling

  24. I still remember pg3d but now is sucks because cash grab,try hards, and people scamming for chest on duel.
    Also i miss the "last kiss" weapon because is really good..

  25. "you can't unequip the tower when you're broke"you can when you literally click the button above the cash 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  26. Pixel gun 3d is my first game before roblox.i get mythicals like crazy and its fun.i trained my aim and started to play pubg.its great… Glad the game is still going strong

  27. John it does tell you how much money your tower is and how much u have…

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