NEW NECROMANCER TOWER | MY THOUGHTS | ROBLOX Tower Defense Simulator #roblox #tds #towerdefense -

NEW NECROMANCER TOWER | MY THOUGHTS | ROBLOX Tower Defense Simulator #roblox #tds #towerdefense

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  1. I bought ittt that's why it was uselessss

  2. Really souls bro this Is SUPER good I used this tower for solo molten with this being the main damage and I won cuz the Executioneer Skelton's so Good

  3. Personally, i think it's a decent tower. It has okay damage and has funny skeletons. It's definitely not meta, more of a tower which you use it if you're bored.

  4. Im with Mist. Its a fun tower to change things up, the skeletons are fun. Placement limit really hurts the usability. The placement with graves and damage is a fun challenge. I okaced one in the middle if a clearing and it seems like he cant even fire if his grave circle isnt within a roadway.

  5. Excited for the rework. Like its now i want my 1.8k gems back.

  6. i kinda thinks its sucks but not for all.
    its just great for having fun (if you likes rng or challenges) but other than that its bad. i think its just not worth spending all the hardcore grind into the tower unless ur a maxed players and just wanna do some collections or sumthin like that. overfall its pretty sucks.

  7. I think, that they will buff necromancer, cuz it's too weak for it's price

  8. Honestly its decent, its that most people use it badly

  9. Tbh its last upgrade is worth it and its solid for late game

  10. bro you had different opinions on it on a hc Video you said its a good tower and it aint bad

  11. Other people: such a useless tower
    Me: funny skeletons go brr

  12. I think this tower is fun the exe skeles have a potential single target dps of 500 at the edge of their range only happens with super slow enemies and its not really viable tower but fun

  13. Necro has a nice 200 dps at max level and spawns unit worth 2000-3000 hp that also adds another 100 dps

  14. accelerator is jack of all trades, while necromancer is jack of no trades

  15. Mano, o que me faz não gostar do Necromante é o fato dos breaker serem bugado e acabarem com os skeletos 😢

  16. l think its decent(not really) but im still gonna get necromancer since its my first event tower, btw is there another event tower coming up?

  17. Hum ldk tower boss ACT 3 zombie no ldk good yeah

  18. just a graveyard ripoff, get it incase ur an event tower collector

  19. So freezer is better than necromancer dang I gonna use freezer

  20. I think its worth bc later Halloween have finish some of days will buff

  21. For fun and if they give a buff and i wish i could have these towers from events like Sledger/warrior/elf camp specific elf camp seems fun

  22. It’s a fun tower and I like seeing hordes of skeletons fighting for me ,honestly it’s either they make it cheaper and it’s upgrades orrr make it shoot like accelerator but nerf the damage by 2 it would be better since it’s aim and piercing bullets are both shitty and doesn’t do enough damage for such a slow shooting tower , would recommend to place on the middle of the lane but near at straight roads 8/10

  23. They really need to buff it cuz necro is close to being worse level as freezer because technically you could just use accel or mini/gmini and other dps towers. Elf camp is better in my opinion cuz it spawns units constantly, necro feels unnecessary to use unless ur bored.

  24. if you know how to use the necromancer right it is an EASY a+ tier (not S tier cuz it can’t solo the whole game)

  25. In my opinion it’s not the worst but not the best either, It can somewhat shred bosses, don’t die to stomps, and once the breakers don’t murder them brrr

  26. A tower that has low placement is almost always bad(with the exceptions of turret and support towers)

  27. It's a fun and decent tower, but still useless since it gets outshined by others, just go for accelerator at this point with that price

  28. It would be cool if the lasers would deal 2x the damage against single enemies and less damage if there were 2 or 3

  29. i would prefer military base because necromancer could have beat military base but no military base is so much better

  30. Worth it no but yes bc limited every haloween

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