*NEW* Mortar Tower - Roblox Tower Defense | JeromeASF Roblox - fantasy-defense.com

*NEW* Mortar Tower – Roblox Tower Defense | JeromeASF Roblox

JeromeASF – Roblox
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Today we play Roblox Tower Defense

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  1. Mortar : very good at damage
    Rocketeer : “Are you sure about that?”

  2. Jerome can you do a live stream of tower defense simut

  3. This guy still does easy when he is level 35 uhh okay then.your level does not fit your level might wanna at least do hard mode

  4. You guys are soooooo mean to dropsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jerome: Mortar is OP
    Me: laughs in outlaw with commander spam DJ boost

  6. Mortars definitely can't beat insane :P.Despite the fact that fallen has tutu much health

  7. military base, mortar, and outlaw is an op tower deck bc they have placement limits and it adds up to the overall placement limit of 20 and they have op range too

  8. Tower defense is a update version of tower battle

  9. Or you can earn the mortar at lvl 75 like everyone else

  10. A trick for placing towers close together and having more space as long as your cursor isn't in the red you can place them as close together as you'd like

  11. If you Joon the group it gives 100 more starting cash.

  12. when you copy yet another tower from tower battles:

  13. Jerome: MORTAR IS SO OP.
    Ace Pilot: Guess that makes me the worst tower. 😔

  14. Jerome: mortar is OP
    Me: laughs in golden crook boss

  15. ain't no one gonna question how his thumbnail is a tower battles mortar…

  16. Thumbnail:tower battles
    Game:tower defense simulator

  17. ewqeqw korona var am abunların umurda değil sjhhjhj günüz göreceksiniz

  18. Yall playing a game not knowing that it is a copy. When i'm a millionare ima take this game down.

  19. The thumbnail is max mortar in tower battles

  20. Fucking beefchoplets is a bitch he copied mortar from tower battles too? Isn't scout sniper DJ commander zed commando aviator tube enough

  21. He looks like squidwards house with skin and a Chad haircut

  22. I think farm is very stupid idea just because you upgrade it to max and fact ALL OF IT to wave 25 wow + u never place other troop that the upgrade is EXPENSIVE

  23. Jerome doesn't know he can get it for free


  25. thumbnail: tower battle mortar!
    name: *NEW* Mortar Tower – Roblox Tower Defense | JeromeASF Roblox

  26. The nuke tower that you showed is the one that I saw with a admins

  27. On here humvee is not work,like ban humvee for fixing the lag

  28. JermoneASF: New mortar tower! 10 seconds later: watch me farm bois

  29. The mortar was soooo op back in those days

  30. when i write this comment this video have 69 dislike

  31. it’s nice to see the old days ):

  32. Oh well guess what guys, in 2021 all the “OP” towers are 70% worse now. Also most of the old op towers are bad towers now, Like Freezer, Mortar or John tower and more lol Below nerfed these towers so bad!

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