NEW GOLDEN SKINS REVIEW!! | (Update) Tower Defense Simulator -

NEW GOLDEN SKINS REVIEW!! | (Update) Tower Defense Simulator

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Full review! (Keep in mind these are opinions not facts!)

Scout: The changes aren’t that much, just a little more DPS across all levels; better for speedrunning now most likely! 9/10 tower

Cowboy: Only good if you know how to properly use it, but when used correctly it can be 10/10. Relatively difficult to use though!

Minigunner: Still keeps the strong late game potential as it always had, gets buffed in early levels but not as good in level 3 anymore. Balanced though! 10/10 tower

Crook Boss: Nerfed crooks and slightly more expensive is surely a nerf, but it at least keeps its good cost efficiency. 8/10 tower

Soldier: It is definitely stronger now but it’s more expensive and will quickly fall off so I don’t exactly like it as much. 6.5/10 tower

Pyromancer: A lot better than it once was, and can annihilate early game enemies. It will kinda fall off in dps towards late game but the defense melting will stay useful. 8/10 tower


  1. Imagine platinum crate coming back with perks. Also to me golden minis max level looks better then some other towers is that just me?

  2. Btw for those of you wondering the extra cash placement and upgrades only apply if your using the perks

  3. dam scout deals more dmg than solder
    solder gets friked

  4. Hi I'm such a big fan please give me robux so I can be like you wich is my dream my user name is pokeg7654321

  5. omg now i want gold pyro so badly and on my first golden crate (last week) i got the worst gold tower, gold soldier, why am i always so unlucky…

  6. I can easily solo molten with g cowboy B), nvm it doesn't it sucs it got nerfed i hate it,nornal cowboy better

  7. Tbh I don’t have any golden skins but golden mini now seems to expensive for being 50k coins or more depending on ur rng

  8. Bro scout literally has more DPS then militant guys don’t buy militant

  9. Wow golden pyro is now good and not trash also I like that is has hd now

  10. Atleast gold crook is still the best early defense in the whole game

  11. The mini become expensive… I hate my life

  12. My Cousin And I Won Molten So Fast Only Using Golden Scout And Normal Scout

  13. I did gscout only on fallen and then lost on a fallen guardian

  14. did below remove the golden buff form the other skins especialy crook boss cause i have the same crook boss and mini gunner skin and i dont have that button to activate the golden buff

  15. Elite: only place one scout when he can place 2 more
    Also elite: REALLY?

  16. what if you had inactive perks but had the golden skin on

  17. the discription for pyro:A lot better than it once was, and can annihilate me: annihilate?!?

  18. Turret has better dps then all of em lol

  19. You have black ops scout equipped? I got black ops scout skin equipped

  20. let's appreciate how much time Elite must've spent editing this video. ❤

  21. Elite you are the coolest TDS youTuber

  22. I got golden mini for my second time opening a golden crate

  23. “All your work and grinding isn’t going to waste”
    Golden soldier: you sure about that

  24. Btw max level gold mini fire rate is 0.040 instead of 0.050

  25. honeslty i like the gold skin by itself

  26. why do I remember heavy's having 17 hp instead of 16 hp

  27. btw i use pyro crowd control as well as defense melting and its really good early game as well, i love g pyro crowd control and is definitly a good tower for early, mid and late which is surprising considering many people still disregard it the g pyro is definitly a good tower and in my opinion is a tower u should buy if ur just starting out in the game

  28. 2023 mini now a 2022 gold mini but with no golden skin

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