NEW EP 54 UPDATE in Toilet Tower Defense -

NEW EP 54 UPDATE in Toilet Tower Defense

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NEW EP 54 UPDATE in Toilet Tower Defense
Skibidi Toilet Themed Roblox Game!






This is a Roblox Skibidi Toilet game named Toilet Tower Defense! Some people also say skibidi toilet like skibid toilet, skibi toilet, and skibidy toilet! The latest episode was ep 54 / episode 54; it had the tv woman, glitch toilet, and medic cameraman! Next is ep 55 / episode 55!


  1. I beat it and didnt get my crate 🙁

  2. It’s the best game ever bro

  3. My other saw you but you left

  4. Dude, I tried to get an uncommon rare, epic and legendary, but only got common you are game is rigged😢

  5. bruh. I had the afk room for like a week and I forgot to do auto clicker

  6. Please fix the summon units I keep getting camerawoman 🙁

  7. you should add a speed up feature.

  8. Hey Can You Also Nerf The Spider Toilets Next Update? Thanks

  9. Glitch toilet is fast but easily defeating in episode 54 how about you make it weak but fast and can paralyze units by weak i mean low hp

  10. I had try a afk farm but it but when we just afk with not much time is kicked out

  11. Why they made the hard much harder and the summon they made so unlucky why they do that

  12. Can you add spider camraman and spider speaker man? Btw i love your game

  13. i see you when the update drop and u left

  14. Is it possible to win nightmare mode without camera titan ?

  15. Me having skill issues my credit card bout to go broke

  16. You should add an upgrading system where like if u get two of the same unit you could upgrade it to do a little more damage

  17. What if you added missions so when you complete them you get coins or maybe even units (I saw this comment on another video so I copied it so it’s a higher chance of it happening)

  18. Ain't no way this content hog childrens game that got too much fame which is quite hella lame is doing 2x better than an actually well made game, like this is stsd and tds mixed with worser graphics and a worser system, like this game is for 6 year olds who act like they smoke when they get a candy stick, this game is more related to psx than a tower defense game, tell me why the hell the content hog gets so many players, just because it's skibidi toilet theme watch when skibidi toilet dies this game will get like 100 players active, sure I do like skibidi but making it a money hog for autistic kids is horrible, like I swear tower battles a game that is 12 Years bloody old has better graphics than this game. instead of making it a content hog maybe hmm, make graphics better it would take a while but it will be worth it instead of making it a money hog.

  19. yes i know but i dont like ok i already saw it

  20. Bro your map Is hard lettrily Tds ain't hard yours is hard

  21. How to redeem free exlusive crate and unbox it? I beat the toliet hq and I just can’t unbox it for some reason

  22. When i afk ini the afk farm every 20 minutes i get kikect please fit thist

  23. The next update can you put a trade plaza pls😅😮❤

  24. Fix your game becuase when I join a game it takes to long and it takes like 5-10 min

  25. I saw the name tag above the flitch toilet is that a glitch? Cause when I played I didn't see a name tag above the glitch toilet

  26. Your game broke you can’t join if your not a team mate

  27. Can we have upgraded titan cameraman and upgraded titan tv man plz I have been waiting for long

  28. Can you
    please make the titan speakerman 5%because all I get is basic and I’m starting to not like the game because of my luck ty

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