New Christmas Event Leaks! is it? (Tower Defense Simulator) | Roblox -

New Christmas Event Leaks! is it? (Tower Defense Simulator) | Roblox

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  1. Hopefully it's an actual event and not just another fallen reskin

  2. bro chill it won't be boomer its such a small unit its a better replacement for abnormals

  3. i swear if it is a fallen reskin i will just quit for a while they didnt drop any good updates this year just fallen reskins

  4. I think its going to be an event because they've done this with badlands II and pizza party.

  5. I don’t think that they would do detailed modifiers

  6. Tds fans when they see a faceless robloxian dressed in random stuff (it's a new enemy leak)

  7. perhaps the elves are actually mysteries that spawn a toy enemy like toy soldier (something like robot scout's appearance) or the gifts act as shield HP.

  8. dont forget the background might be a special map

  9. He siad it is going to be christmas EVENT on his live on YouTube

  10. i hope real event because the halloween is just the same as fallen and all other mode and it get boring for time to time like good events were halloween2020 because of it kinda being diffent and area51 cuz kill tower and umbra event becuz of diffent stages and a gun to stun umbra and lastly ducky doom 2 becuz of no path all the event i was saying were good

  11. i want a thing like santa boss/at the event i want this tower become useless at the last 5 waves and we will have to fight instead we get our own wepons and we have to use our money to upgrate and there will be 5 wepons but not the same wepons as tower

  12. Boss: reindeer
    Enemy: elf elf boss elf gigante
    Event tower: slendytubbies
    Slendytubbies at level 0
    0.01 range 500000 dammage
    At máximo hidden decetion
    1million dammage 99999 speed attack

  13. Nah i think it's a permanent map that gives tower and skin

  14. My hypothesis is that the elves are a event tower that shoots gifts doing random effects like being frozen

  15. I wish they just put the events bassicly like solar eclipse but idk if it’s gonna be modifiers

  16. they only do the fallen reskins for permanent maps, and this won't be permanent, as christmas doesnt last forever

  17. Elf zombie is new but need Christmas is freezer rework

  18. I bet that freezer is going to be buffed in this event

  19. Please don't be a fallen copy like pizza.


  21. Please no modifiers I just want a limited event/skins

  22. fessefefsnhesfnisefinjfsejsefjnniefssefefsfesfesefsesfesesffsesfefse

  23. Return of frost spirit 2023 coming soon

    Note: not sure it will happen

  24. Where did the old sweaking go..i really miss the fun jokes i belive last upload you did was 6 months ago sad i miss old days

  25. It would be cool if there was a 25 to 50% chance a zombie spawns with a gift it could either give money (stacks depending how strong the zombie is) or it could dmg 25 health from ur base.

  26. i hope its an event cuz im bored with the special map fallen mode reskin that the boss always get nerf/buff cuz the accel kid

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