NEW BOSS TOWERS - Tower Defense Simulator -

NEW BOSS TOWERS – Tower Defense Simulator

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Disclaimer: This is a fanmade cinematic edit for Tower Defense Simulator. These towers are NOT real and is not implemented in the real game.

Disclaimer for YouTube: All of the content in this video was filmed, edited and is made by zluq. zluq currently has all rights to the content in this video, which is protected by fair use and transformative laws.

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In this video it shows a visual perspective of the of the Mini-Boss towers in the game: Tower Defense Simulator!


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zluq is noob!!!!


  1. grave digger: gladiator
    molten boss: sledger
    fallen king: warden

  2. creators high on coffie and he is board lol

  3. I hate Zluq he dont upload video its dumb he doing baby videos

  4. Dude, Creator wants plushie accelerator so bad even after 9 months..Please give him

  5. We need this skins
    As rewards if we beat thoose modes
    50 normal 100 molten 75 fallen
    To unlock thoose skins

  6. plz play breaking point plz pzl pzlzplzpzl pz lzp z pz i miss ur old videos

  7. Well boss tower ideas are good If they made u need to buy them with gems/so many coins great idea fr fr

  8. Bro grave digger tower could have a grave summoning ability that justt spawns a grave at the end and zombie units come out

  9. I think warden was supposed to exchange with fallen king since he has a riot shield at max

  10. kind of an smart idea for getting those skins after beating cerain amount on an spesific gamemode
    for example: beating molten mode 100 times

  11. honestly tds should make a gladiator skin of all bosses like lvl 0 it gets grave digger lvl 1 gets molten boss lvl 2 gets fallen sword master lvl 3 gets golden titan lvl 4 gets fallen king and lvl 5 gets void reaver

  12. Im gonna redo them

    Zombie summoner can be award of defeating grave digger, he can summon diffrwnt zombies in diffrent levels the limit is slow boss weaked he summons the enemy with the before upgrade(like lvl 1 is bormal even max normal still
    get summoned)

    Go in this vomments chat for molten boss and fallen king

  13. The bosses should be tower skins grave digger as gladiator tower executioner as molten boss and warden as fallen king

  14. those skins would be soo cool s an reward for like beating the mode on each map or something just sad that they never will be real Top animation tho


  16. What If fallen king becomes warden skin bc of his shield

  17. now these skins i shall name them
    1. grave digger gladiator
    2. molten gladiator
    3. fallen gladiator

  18. Ok, Now i Actually want this to be a real skin.

  19. This is what those plushie’s should have given

  20. Here is a idea to get the boss tower first beat all the bosses to get them (just for a video)

  21. imagine these tower skin it should be added yes or yes!

  22. i think fallen king should be the warden because of its shield

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