NEW Ace Pilot Hacker Ability!! Tower Defense Simulator - ROBLOX -

NEW Ace Pilot Hacker Ability!! Tower Defense Simulator – ROBLOX

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The Ace Pilot now gives hidden detection to surrounding towers?? HACKER!?!?

Play TDS:

0:00 – Intro/Info
0:53 – Hacker Tower
2:31 – Hidden Detection as a nerf
3:11 – Ace Pilot
3:44 – The Good and The Bad of this new ability
6:10 – Using different towers to test the ability
10:35 – Recommendations for making the ability better
11:33 – NEW INFO!!
12:40 – Outro

Kage Robert Nagle of the Akuma clan

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  1. New Strategy to beat shadow boss = put ace pilot lvl 4 near rangers

  2. Welp is my day to speedrun molten 😀 with sladger

  3. I watched this vid after a vid and I forgot to like it

  4. If you use to then the range would be buffed which means it will effect towers without hidden detection in a bigger radius.

  5. Me when doing challenges: spams ace pilot everywhere for hid detect on rangers and towers with no hid detect

  6. Ranger: sees hiddens
    Also ranger: purple sun flashbacks

  7. "Ace can help other tower to have hidden detection"

    me who is a OG tb:sounds like the plane from tb but worse

  8. Harry: says Shadow boss
    Me: isn't it molten?

  9. The hacker tower is the same thing as the ace pilot ability but not flying

  10. ਫਪਪਞਨਞੳਝਖਝਪਝਬਝਠਟਵਞਲੌਵੌੜੳਫਗਫਗੌਵਰੈਲਾਤਖ਼ਧਖਨਖਪਗਵੈ says:

    Enginier wont be in tds couse its copied form evolition evade

  11. rocketeer and demoman does not had
    hidden detection

  12. i think the hacker uses his drones to attack
    my idea

    Hacker Cost : 500 gems
    Abillity : Kills Zombies with drones
    drones damage :
    LV 1: 2
    LV 2 : 4
    LV 3 : 9
    LV 4 : 14
    cost Placement : 1500$

  13. Rangers that will see hiddens after this tower is released: TIME TO BRING ME MAH MONEHHH YEEEEAHHSHSGDH FB YYCYCYVYVYUVYVYU BY VCYRZRSYTCYFRDCY

  14. 0:00 And so Hidden Boss is known as Shadow Boss to JustHarrison forever (joke)

  15. The Ace Pilot ACTUALLY gives towers nearby HD for 15 seconds.

  16. no Harrison sledger is getting nerfed soon and it not they powerfull and its broken

  17. But yoo ace has 1 of the top dps in game just because it spins it does less

  18. nah i think the hacker has an ability where it can make towers immune to stun for 20 seconds and ability cooldown is 60 seconds

    maybe the hacker without the ability can do like a 15% damage buff

    of course some killer drones

    and maybe it cant get stunned

    but since its kinda op i think you can only place 1 hacker

    so if you want to chain the ability you might need 3 people

  19. Harrison: "Talking about the new ability"

    Me: Just Finding out on my own

  20. i think the hacker tower is gonna be for robux for a short time or way more expensive than the ranger

  21. sledger can freeze hiddens even without ace as long as it has 2 max hits

  22. I feel you wrong to keeps saying shadow boss but its actually hidden boss on 1st to middle timestamps

  23. Problemis it has too high dps. So in challenges it is kind of cheat

  24. I think hacker tower will release on phantom update i think

  25. 5 months later roblox gets shutdown and still no hacker on tds

  26. The hacker tower can attack by using the drone

  27. This could be so useful for hardcore when the invisible enemies come!

  28. Hacker might give hd forever instead of thirty seconds and it might spawn in drones

  29. ya no its not worth it lol not when mini exists


  31. 1:22 min,

    Acell: cost 2.500 gems, have the most dps in the game (268–349) and hiden detection in lv 0

    Enginer: cost 4,500 gems, buy sentrys (max 4) wbi shiel to block the firth stun and have rocket lau cher and minigun (basicaly team fortrees 2 lv 3 enginer sentry), 140 dps per sentry, enginer deal 40 dmg per shot whit nail gun whit 0.60 firerate

    Mecha base: 100 likes to unlock

    Hacker: 250 likes to unlock

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