Naruto Units Only 3.0 Vs. Infinite Mode Ft. Shisui 6 Star! (All Star Tower Defense Challenge) -

Naruto Units Only 3.0 Vs. Infinite Mode Ft. Shisui 6 Star! (All Star Tower Defense Challenge)

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How good are the naruto units in ASTD?

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  1. whats the white hair unit u need to hatch the egg

  2. shikamaru shouldave been a ts cuz he holds them in place

  3. blam you should do a Uchiha only challenge
    ft itachi6
    ofc Jeff Waifu
    and katakuri 7 bc he like a Uchiha with ob haki v2

  4. Please next update specal banner unit can trade i have 2 freeza i want trade for tanjiro

  5. You could have bring BB because they did a cross over before

  6. Shisui has the best sharingan because of the genjutsu

  7. They should add 6 star tenten and make her a money unit cuz she's a shop keeper in Boruto

  8. I got 2 challenges for you. Challenge 1: Big 3's vs inf, anime big 3 Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo all star big 3 Speedwagon, Brook, Katakuri/Bb6
    Challenge 2: Color challenge basically 3 units each time with colored afx however you're allowed to bring the farm, buff and slow they don't count

  9. Day 1 of asking Blam to ask the devs to buff gohan

  10. Alright lets start off with our boy SUI that had me dying lol😂😂😂

  11. Bro why did you bring it achievement, he was basically best friends with shisui bruh

  12. Make it a code unit cuz most people can not get it do not make it a raid unit

  13. Unit code a raid unit is unfair for Ur loyal fans that can't solo raids or can't go to w2 or 3

  14. please can it be a strait up code unit because raids are a pain

  15. u should do susannoo only and use madara shisui itachi sasuke

  16. Blam have you done Fate units only yet? If not you should give it a try 🙂

  17. "Speed wagon was making out with tsunade" 💀💀💀

  18. Suggestion: Uchiha only (using shisui, itachi, sasuke, obito, madara, and speedwagon uchiha)

  19. Can you do naruto only units susanoo users only vs infinite mode?

  20. Make your code unit with 150 stardust and damage task reset

  21. I am from the year 2069 the code still hasn't came out yet in 2069

  22. Can you do susanoo only raid meaning only units that can use a susanoo

  23. Please make it a code unit It's so hard farming the raid for broly with no 7 stars or meta units or no people to help you

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