My First Solo Triumph Pixel Gun Tower Defense -

My First Solo Triumph Pixel Gun Tower Defense

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Welcome to Pixel Gun Tower Defense! You defend using the guns from Pixel Gun 3D. Not only that, you can combine them with a character of your choice along with your strategy.

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  1. pixel gun, there were times. This game is from my childhood.

  2. are you serious Goondex why there are so many videos!

  3. It's only good at recruit mode, don't even bother thinking about bringing him in general mode

  4. spam noob pixel guns for the rock, and remember to get camo detection towers

  5. That's why don't only rely on the spammer bone crusher combo

  6. U should be more skilled when ur reading this, just a little tip, when u completed a mode on a map that u haven't completed it before, u get map conquest, which is $200 for recruit mode, $400 for general mode and 1250 xp for veteran(u have to be so skilled, and have every character, weapons and gadget in the game to like barely complete veteran mode)

  7. Ive came back to wathing goondex after a few months, same intro, same editing, amazing videos… like usual

  8. Uhh so you new to this game I knew it before you lol

  9. Hey dex u can literally turn auto skill upgarde instead of using your damn fingers just to click it

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