Multiplayer Tower Defense - Defenders of Time -

Multiplayer Tower Defense – Defenders of Time

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John Flury of Four Lights takes us through the basics and intricacies of their multiplayer tower defense game, Defenders of Time.

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  1. respectfully as i possibly could be, there is not enough interest in this game to have a torrent on the main sites.  it is sad because this game looks really cool and I'm a disabled with a broken back with no money heh.  sorry i have to resort to pirating some games, but I almost always buy the game as soon as possible.  maybe it will show up in a game bundle or go on sale during a big steam sale.  hope this game gets more attention soon too.

  2. I love Tower Defense games, but this looks wayyyy to complicated.

  3. This is quite brilliant. The developers really sound like they care about the players too. I am very much looking forward to this game.

  4. Way Way Way too Boring! And Tower Defense is about, the concentration of One player against increasing odds, not Multiplayer! This game will fail miserably, and be forever lost in the black hole of trying to change something that isn't broke! What a huge waste of resources, they will NEVER get any of the money and time they put into this game back! It is like making a Call of Duty game into Cooking Mama…A Call of Duty Cooking Mama!

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