More Bugs Appear Again... Military Base Broke & Others | Tower Defense Simulator (Roblox) -

More Bugs Appear Again… Military Base Broke & Others | Tower Defense Simulator (Roblox)

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happy 5th birthday tds
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  2. These software developers are trash 💀💀💀

  3. Another bug problem I'd like to point out, is how the mage necromancer skin does not summon all of its root minions when max lvl and some roots just remain stuck unable to summon at all, so yeah hopefully thats fixed too.

  4. Bro i was so confused like "Why is my ranger not rangering!!!!!!????"

  5. Who eles gonna afk grind gems, or just thinking about doing so?

  6. First one isnt a glitch it looks preety intended
    Why would it be a glitch

  7. right on time for tds's 5th anniversary too…

  8. For every 1 bug fixed 3 more pop up

  9. Not only that, but necromancer only spawns 1 zombie at max level

  10. Rip military base your ability is good at dealing against lead balloons but the tanks are just lvl 0 mili base but has more health😢

  11. I forgot who said it (I think it was 5ouls) but whoever said they need a full code rewrite/check is right, this is getting too much. Because of all these bugs they will definitely not be able to release proper gameplay updates like the fallen revamp and ace rework, because what would be the point if the game is partially unplayable. Got so bad to the point where even pizza parties music doesnt wanna play 😭

  12. Tower Defense Simulator, more like Tower Destroyer Simulator

  13. Begging for new content and they give us more bug

  14. i sometimes had bug when i wanted to grind gems on crossroads and when i pick some units they didnt appear in the game and after i left they showed my old loadout

  15. TDS better add raid bug spray to consumables

  16. chitmancer is also glitched, i was using it last time for fun and grieves dont work

  17. I found a new bug: if you go through the polluted wasteland 2 for the first time, you won’t get a badge and a deluxe box

  18. they should do a very big update that change all the game to have no more bugs

  19. Who would spend that much money on a tank that doesn't even do anything:/

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