me when I get neko dj | tower defense simulator -

me when I get neko dj | tower defense simulator

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  1. I got neko DJ today and I did not get bonked also I hate how people call it a simp skin I just like the battle cats logo on it

  2. everyone: Sledger the neko dj destroyer
    me with both sledger and neko dj on my team: I AM 4 PARALLEL UNIVERSES AHEAD OF YOU

  3. in my first deluxe crate y got neon rave in my second one i got neko dj


  4. Later you noticed , you can sell sledger


  6. I got moře stupid thing, because i all my time in tds opened 3 deluxe crate and all skins i got from deluxe crate is simp skins lmao i dont joking rn

  7. I dint bought dj and im not gonna till mage accel

  8. I just opened a deluxe crate and i get skin for archer :/


  10. What was your first Deluxe skin? Mine was soviet crook boss

  11. I found you from the legend just Harrison.

  12. I opened my 5th deluxe crate and I finally got mage accel

  13. Average: people like female character, must be simp

  14. Nero DJ when she gets bonk in the tail only:

  15. people are kinda sexist about neko dj idk why

  16. sledger dumb because its about rng lol the person who have the crate cant choose the skin they want

  17. Explodingihami: ohno i got neko dj i m gonna cover it to neon rave dj before sledger comes
    Sledger: 'sees explodingihami covering neko dj into neon rave dj
    Also sledger: you know the rules and so do aiii sayy goodbye 'bonks explodingihami'

  18. when you get a simp its literally your end by sledger

  19. I got neko dj but i like it cuz its better than having no dj skin so ima just use it

  20. NOT NEKO!!!! I just wanted to tell you I'm not a simp.

  21. Me got two dj skin in two deluxe crate

  22. F**k me in my first deluxe crate i got maid commando i will never use the dumb skin

  23. On my first one i got neko commander and on the 2nd one i got gun gale ranger

  24. below: ban sledger
    sledger: WAIT PLS NO!!!
    below: ban sledger
    below: that what u get

  25. My first deluxe crate was cyberpunk cowboy the 2nd one was noir cowboy

  26. To be honest, all skins are great because of their design. We only had male towers besides Medic and Engineer. All skins are good, change my mind.

  27. neko dj's song is a little nice to hear lol

  28. Neko DJ makes everyones ears bleed,and it's annoying as fuck. So neko DJ lemme give you a good ol' bottle of SHUT THE ACTUAL F**K UP

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