MAX LEVEL GHOSTS in Undertale Tower Defense! -

MAX LEVEL GHOSTS in Undertale Tower Defense!

Vitamin Delicious
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There’s a new tower defense game in Roblox called Undertale Tower Defense. That’s right my sussy bakas, this new tower defense game is inspired by the Undertale game. Oh, you’ve never played it? Neither have I hahahaha! But who cares?! Me and Doge are going to build towers and max out our ghosts so we can destroy every little dumb creature like kitty cats and frogs and flying stuff. It’s actually a fun game and I’m excited to see how this game evolves over time.

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  1. vitamin i dare you to play pop it trading on roblox that or btd 6

  2. If vitiman delicious made undertale bosses ball stinger 2cd is cringe baka and final boss is sussy sans

  3. You're pretty new huh? Tell ya what… If you get on from 4-8, I can carry you through most levels… Not new home, don't even ask

  4. Oh, btw the "frying pan girl" is genderless and their name is frisk
    Edit:they should be considered as they

  5. hey here's some tips
    tip 1:souls=money
    tip 2: remember to use your special soul aka hero
    tip 3 napstablook it's quite good for early and mid game and end game
    tip 4: you cannot interact anything on the maps (maybe)

  6. Can you play tower defense simulator please

  7. When the YouTuber is below noob at game 👀

  8. Maybe if you played Undertale you would understand this game…

  9. დ .•*””*•. SB Show •*””*•.დ says:

    Play tds

  10. How dare you call napstablook ghosts

  11. this video made me mad ngl but its cool.

  12. Vitamin play undertale judgment day it’s not ptw cringe

  13. I love how says what are these this looks like jello i want to eat them
    You sussy baka

  14. Just almost finished the video,this guy doesn’t deserve to make content if he doesn’t even know what he’s posting,he’s calling characters “it” I get your gonna say I’m just obsessed with undertale but most people are at this point- he asked who papyrus was:/

  15. Sussy person on pixel gun and Roblox says:


  16. Can you please play Tower Battles it’s more original and epic than Tower Defense Simulator please don’t play Tower Defense Simulator it’s a garbage knock off game of Tower Battles the creators of the game are losers can’t even make their own original game

  17. how do you know what games im playing like first is bss then this?

  18. You now know the joys of Undertale…somewhat. How about you play the actual game now? I would love that! Thanks!

  19. Vitamin Make a video based on find the admin guns

  20. Vitamin I dare you to play pixel gun tower defence (or you can’t

  21. Day 45 of saying WELCOME TO FREE DISEASE~ until sussy vitamin notices me (aka puts this comment in a vid,but knowing him he probably wouldnt)

  22. DigitoSim, Glitch, LCLC and SonsOfFun Fan says:

    The ghost is Napstablook.

  23. DigitoSim, Glitch, LCLC and SonsOfFun Fan says:

    The ghost is Napstablook.

  24. Vitimqn you should play pixel gun td it's one of the best td games rn

  25. The ghosts go though my ba- – – that’s sus😳

  26. the frogs are called frogits and the flys are wimsuim and the boss of the ruins is the ruin keeper toreil

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