Master's army Treacherous beaten | World Tower Defense (roblo) -

Master’s army Treacherous beaten | World Tower Defense (roblo)

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  1. The way she makes units join her side by having god rizz

  2. If only people could see the boraphim bait with glass agro (it was terrible)

  3. ok since we beat it we have to solo it with cryo only now :fire:

  4. I beat this torture 1 day ago
    If you posted it the same time you beat this, i technically beat it before you
    And before you say "CaiRued!!??" i was p5 and coordinated stationary sf and gue ability timings

  5. Virtue: Units… don't you want to be Angels?
    Watchtower: …
    Me: well to be fair Virtue i want to be angel but… I PICK MASTER CUZ HE IS CHAD

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