Making My Own Tower Defense Map In Roblox -

Making My Own Tower Defense Map In Roblox

JeromeASF – Roblox
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Today I Am Making My Own Tower Defense Map In Roblox
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  1. I hate how Jerome doesn't just buy crossbow turrets….

  2. can you play Evolution Evade 🛡️Tower Defense

  3. Spoiler alert: if you want it to be a surprise DONT READ THIS: every 100 waves is a boss it's really slow but has a LOT of health. The second boss is easier then first boss maybe cause it didn't get enough health

  4. Jerome can i be your friend on roblox my username is hyperdrago5

  5. There is another tower defense game I think you would like because I heard you talking about fighting the monsters. It’s called world defenders and it is very fun but also kind of difficult

  6. I have 6 flamethrowers and the rest orbs of light. also 2 extra rows

  7. What game are you playing???? say the name of it

  8. wished he gave us the actual name of the game

  9. I still remember this game had just 600-700 players only playing.

  10. try satis factory again or make a new ark pokemon series

  11. Omg I was just scrolling through my recommend and I saw this and I just played this game this morning.
    You probably don't care just thought it was cool.
    Also I would love a part 2

  12. Jerome I gaved it a try and I have three or four rows of minigun towers and I just started

  13. Wait for round 100 that took me ages to do

  14. Played the game already on round 73. 😀 Gets a tower with 4.5k will watching.

  15. I'm at round 56 and the duds are 2.5k like how mutch is the duds on round 150k like am I right

  16. I love how in this game if you lose a level you get to keep the money you made

  17. Shout out to crappy he know cinema sins

  18. im the king of tower defense and i had 3 miniguns at round 13

  19. there like the lasers you put them where the lasers would be theres nothing special about them

  20. Me:clicks this video*
    Him:today were gonna be playing defenders depo
    Me:oh wow nice defenders depo👍👍👍

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