Make Map Get Flooded With Water... Another Bug | Tower Defense Simulator (Roblox) -

Make Map Get Flooded With Water… Another Bug | Tower Defense Simulator (Roblox)

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what happen with this game right now
tower buggy simulato- 2

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  1. Looks like iceville finally melted, probably because so many people that played it voted molten mode ngl

  2. This sounds like good modificator

    Hiddens will go crazy

  3. Bro this bug dosent make the game easier its just a cool thing i hipe they dint fix it

  4. This would be so cool if it would stay in the game, like imagine a flooded challange or something

  5. i also made a video on this
    no recognition 😀
    also, you CAN place ground towers underwater, just gotta put the camera down there

  6. tds is bringing awareness to global warming
    what a caring roblox game

  7. They finally fixed the restart Button bug? YAHOOO

  8. Did you know u can like this comment by double tapping it

  9. we got global warming update in tds before gta 6 ☠☠

  10. This might actually be a good challenge if you ask me, like limited placement, so you got to carefully place your towers with limited space

  11. I can see a certain 2 towers from TDX working very well here

  12. Am I the only one that doesn’t see the fan made maps like honey valley when I override maps?

  13. Question because I have vip but i cant play any of the community maps at all is there a reason to that or am I buggin?

  14. For anyone trying this bug, it's fixed. So no more water 🙁
    Edit: It is not fixed.

  15. Can you tries skibi defense, its bad (you wont belive what actually the game is, even if it was an brain rot game)

  16. There’s also a necromancer bug on its last level

  17. I got the bug when I didn’t even restart I went to honey valley and the map just was full of water I posted a video of it in my channel

  18. this is not chapter 2 season 4

  19. It will be a really fun challenge ngl, like flood mode.

  20. Honestly, some maps looks awesome with this bug

  21. i love tds spaghetti code(cryo is buffed, you can flood map, you can change towers mid-game)

  22. now it doesnt work cuz it just restart the map it doesnt bring u back to the choose the map

  23. if you restart and it only shows crazy construction map
    that mean it get fixed

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