Mafia Tower/50+Tanks| Tower Defense Simulator -

Mafia Tower/50+Tanks| Tower Defense Simulator

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a true mans experience for grinding


  1. e first time ive ever seen an old video

  2. I like how someone had already level 100 in these times

  3. so the military base glitch was always in the game?

  4. When the cheaper frost tower was good and have a ability.

  5. When they arent tiky gang and has detailed face

  6. What john did not know is that TB would probs update more then TDS cause it takes nearly a HOLE FUCKING YEAR

  7. When I first saw the crook 2 I thought they added a Donald trump tower

  8. 1st evidence of the millitary glitch right here

  9. John:tds get lots new content
    Below:we need tower delay simulator

  10. is everybody gonna ignore the part when one dude was literally dancing in the zombie entrance?

  11. When you saw this in 2021 F for respect.

  12. That was something utter then a Humvee– JOHN ROBLOX 2019

  13. John: I always struggle in molten Me: are u really sure

  14. Anyone who is from 2022 comment “i miss old tds

  15. the abd times…. i'll never forget that.

  16. tds gets new content while tb takes a year:
    this didn't age very well…

  17. Do you have admin commands in the past 3.2 years ago?

  18. do you still remember the mili base glitch where fallen king goes like 0.0001 speed

  19. "Tower Battles took half a year when TDS had new content" Yeah that.. kinda changed

  20. HEY John I AM FORM 2022 AND I SAY TDS TAKE 20000000000000000000000000 YEARS

  21. John discovered the Military Base Glitch long before we found it.

  22. no one ever realized that THIS was the first found footage of the infamous military base glitch

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