Machine Gun Tower Is Overpowered!? | Action Tower Defense -

Machine Gun Tower Is Overpowered!? | Action Tower Defense

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I just got this gun at a super lucky moment, used this and it’s sooo strong. It’s like one of the best towers in the game for DPS. Play the game too! It’s actually fun.

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  1. All I can say it’s overpowered
    Also if your bored and want a challenge tell me ✨
    Edit: I got Gyomei 5 star on demon tower defence

  2. I soloed to the last level with Guilded Missile

  3. I got this monster of a tower by evolving it from 3 bunkers straight into a machine gun.

  4. I Was very early for leveling i was level 25 when i could not do 6 cursed islands

  5. Bruh why did u spend hr gems to a machine gun 2%u must spend it on bunker because I can evolve bunker to a machine gun

  6. Oh aku pernah bertemu dengan kamu lalu kamu keluar aku aja kalah

  7. Today I hatched 2 legendary and 4 epic I’m lucky 🙂

  8. Farm + machine gun = way overpowerd

  9. I got machine gun before bunker lol

  10. i already have 2 legendaries im missing many more like this one

  11. i only have sentry tower and mortar legendary

  12. I got legendary sentry turret and its kinda meh. Horrible range, 100 dps max 0 merge, multi target and can atttack air. But the range makes it really weak against ranged enemies and most flying enemies are ranged so u have to guide the ranged enemies to the tower. It does have 500 hp at max tho but it can deplete really fast if u cant get rid of the ranged enemies and its passive heal helps only a bit.

  13. i have a bunker tower it easily kills bosses but may be better and its an epic and im trying to get machine gun
    keep up good content

  14. Oh,This video is very exciting. I am the owner of Action Tower Defense, thank you very much!

  15. Tbh helicopter is a better version lol but srsly they all trash

  16. Yes i already got it in my second try

  17. I thought hot air ballon was god ._.

  18. I think guided missile is better tho because if your using it most of the time it can kill everything you just need to play correct

  19. I have 1 helicopter 1 more bunker from Archer tower 😊

  20. Farm + guilde missile = the most op tower in game

  21. we have better tower now…da minigun

  22. You should upgrade ur stuff hope it helps

  23. uGh hElP sOmEoNe i cAn'T fInIsIhEsD tHe dEaTh vAlLeY wAhHhHHhHhhHhHh

  24. do u need some help im lvl 50 and my user is improatkat99 sorry bad user

  25. me who needs just 2 more uncommon shocks: intense grind noise

  26. Guided Missile + Jets + Helicopter + Testlas + Base Station = Op defence towards any enemy and most bosses (Only Weakness is the Pharaoh)

  27. Tesla + machine gun + Guided missle = good defense for early

    Weakness=flying clowns

  28. Tip machine gun does 1880 dps when maxed!

  29. Am I already do have fun I can find I don't like I can't find it right

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