Lvl80 Poseidon is UNFAIR on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox -

Lvl80 Poseidon is UNFAIR on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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Lvl80 Poseidon is UNFAIR on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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  1. Trading bright reaper for any of ur posiedon

  2. you are saying skip tickets are not pay to win

  3. do a marine team video
    like fujitora meggellan garp aokiji

  4. Good thing I traded for star pass because I got this guy.

  5. I traded someone 5 egg capsules and they got Poseiden and carrot

  6. Snow read the manga, the anime’s not bad but brooooooo please please please just check out 3 chapters I swear it’ll be worth it

  7. bro they shouldve made his animation 1 frame per second to stay true to the anime

  8. And He Lost To A Samurai That Died Fighting Him 200 times 💀

  9. being a guy who watched the record of ragnarok anime and manga im gonna be happy to see any other record of ragnarok character added into the game

  10. A copy a of naruto but better

  11. hes ground unit 110 range 6 spa and 1.8m damage yw

  12. By the way this poseidon your using is from the anime record of ragnarok when he was fighting kojiro


  14. Pov posiden your favorite character in all of anime get added:😎😎

    You suck at trading your to broke to spend 10k bobux on a unit: bruh

    On second thought: proceeds to look at moms credit card

  15. Question does fire orb ob erwin only work for two erwin cause when i put 3 erwins it became 4 m and same fore 2 erwin

  16. Posiden is an god it worth getting him 1.7M damage

  17. Am I the only person who got him F2p

  18. They should make Adam he single target 80 range but his dmg scales with the strongest enemy on the map

  19. someone offered that unit for my madara and i declined 🙁

  20. i traded my carrot and tp for underwater god w or l

  21. Bro I love the background music it’s run it up by lil tjay

  22. I would honestly chose madara over poisiden cuz madara is hybrid and poisiden isn’t

  23. Snow there is gonna be more in like next year 😳

  24. bruh poseidon shouldve been hybrid, in the anime, the final attack (in astd) is like a domain, he moves around so fast and attacks from all directions and cages his enemy in it, doesnt matter if they are in air or not, they didnt even bother to give him some decent animations either which is sad

    or it probably was chione tyro demeter

  25. So uh hey quick question, anyone know why his model is shirtless now? Is it a bug?

  26. i hope they add the last air bender even if its cartoon

  27. I got this unit of pure luck I only opened 9 capsules and I got that and it’s to op

  28. i got him by luck whlie also getting jeffceo and demon side in 10 mins

  29. I all ways watch ur vid for so long and i freaking forgot to sub lol

  30. im confused is he rare cause i got him form free capsul

  31. bruh why people saying poseidon is weak because of an anime? like bruh can you remember all gods are not even useing powers and only use weapons any physically strength while all the humans are going to there limits

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