Lvl80 Kirito 6 Star has a GOD DAMAGE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox -

Lvl80 Kirito 6 Star has a GOD DAMAGE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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Lvl80 Kirito 6 Star has a GOD DAMAGE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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  1. Well His Omega I Dont Know But His Clothes and Sword Are From The Alicization Arc

  2. One Of This Sword Is The Night Sky Sword That Has The Abilty To Suck The Life Out Of Oppents and The Other Sword Is The Blue Rose Sword Witch Has Ice Atacks

  3. i spend 2500 gems for kirito 🙁 and finnaly i got 6 star

  4. My account was removed so I made this one says:


  5. Why is Kirito wearing different clothes? Why does he have 2 Swords???

    He has 2 Friends, Alice and Eugeo I think???? I forgot his name sorry to trigger SAO Fans but, " Eugeo " Died in S3P2 And Eugeo had the blue sword, Kirito took his sword, Then on S3 Eugeo and Kirito were about to attack the castle that kidnapped their friend, Alice, put on new clothes, and went ahead and attacked the castle.

  6. Omega is just they put but it means dual weilding

  7. Man now i finnaly knew todoroki has the same move as 6 star kirito lol

  8. I would use range buffers to extend his range so he isn’t small range boi with big splash aoe (disrespectful)

  9. This kirito is god kirito, literally

  10. Omg got 2 two kiritos in my bag glad didnt feed dem 😃

  11. the down side of kirito 6 star is the range at 5th upgrade

  12. i got him when the alien was in the gold summen

  13. The unit is good for me because my units always have long spa

  14. also very late reply but the kirito outfit is based off of the movie ordinal scale

  15. blue sword has ice ability black is idk just darkness maybe

  16. That blue sword is not her sword but it her friend sword

  17. But I only have kirito mega rare 1 and I don't have SAO map

  18. im so close of making kirito 6 star just need ice soldiers

  19. 3:27 "awesome range" that brings me back to the memories when units had bad range

  20. How do you get mounts for your units??

  21. The likes on the vid is 6.9 k

  22. I’m mobile and I never get any lag from these things bro so it’s just you. Also that’s him from when he’s in another game in the anime

  23. what are them ppl cuz i got like 40 of them and what are dem units?

  24. astd: make Kirito's 5th upgrade OP
    also astd: wait this is too OP, -30 range and make SPA 10
    also i never see a unit with and upgrade THAT MINUS THE RANGE. LIKE WTHH!??!

  25. when u realize they used the same animation for todaroki

  26. Well, Kirito doesn’t use his swords’ powers in this form, he uses ‘’sacred arts’’. One of his swords casts darkness and the other one ice. His clothes are from the Moon Crandle arc.

  27. Im so tired. Next vid will be tmr at 10am (10-12hours from now) I went back from vacation just for astd update dead tired. Sorry.

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