Lvl 80 Gilgamesh Is The Fastest Unit On All Star Tower Defense -

Lvl 80 Gilgamesh Is The Fastest Unit On All Star Tower Defense

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Using the newest unit added into all start tower defense which is gilgamesh from fate

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  1. i was wishing he would have the enuma elish tbh

  2. Bro what are u doing…. why are u not watching Fate

  3. Fun fact: VN Gilgamesh is Outerversal-High Outerversal and he claps goku

  4. Why Goku Black Rose if Golden Frieza is better?

  5. if u wanna see a show with a high budget but a not great story look at demon slayer not fate

  6. "i want something longer" top ten sussest moments

  7. he does over 3k a second without buffs a second compare him to current 6 second units and thats 18k every 6 seconds buffed is 54k every 6 seconds and over 9k every second crzy unit

  8. You should watch fate the last encore it good

  9. btw if u have 8 max per 8 seconds it does 25k dmg but it has high range so idk how good is it with high range.

  10. man just wish gilgamesh had enuma elish like its the best move from him

  11. I love the intro because I LOVE MHA and i saw DEKKKU hehe

  12. Imagine getting a dbz update mr satan like gilgamesh , vegitto like meta knight, goku ssjb like star boy, ssjb evolution vegeta like overhaul from raid and ssj gohan 4 star

  13. Every 5 star fate characters need a special skill like their noble phantasm

  14. Pov:you wnt to the discription to look for the song

  15. Noclypso “he does around 7k a second” me “lemme just move the place value one right (x10)”

  16. If he does like 310 dmg every 0.1 seconds, then every second that would be 3.1k, every 10 seconds it would be 31k, if we count Erwin's buff then it would be almost 100k of dmg, so it's hella good for a single target unit

  17. His damage at max upgrade max buff…..ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!

  18. Bro I know I said this before BUT THIS INTRO IS FIREEEEEEEEEE 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. I met a new player with Gilgamesh and I was like ehhh not too op it’s basic

    When I see Gilgamesh is op: wat

  20. Wish they gave him his Noble Phantasm. Enuma E'lish would've been a good ability to have.

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