Lvl 80 Gilgamesh Is The Fastest Unit On All Star Tower Defense -

Lvl 80 Gilgamesh Is The Fastest Unit On All Star Tower Defense

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Using the newest unit added into all start tower defense which is gilgamesh from fate

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  1. this unit is op if you do the math he does 15662.5 every 5 seconds at level 80

  2. Hope to god if he gets a 6 star and its the same but with heaven chains and Elam a elvish for special

  3. Well putting bb six star with roy Mustang and Gilgamesh that will be op

  4. Gate is the thing toga wants to be higher dmg more range less spa

  5. Devs should give him a clickable enuma elish that would be sick

  6. The intro is so clean, I wonder what's the song-

  7. they should add maybe an skill for Ea for gilgamesh

  8. Hes actually in the same boat as 6star jotaro in terms of dps thats crazy

  9. I have some questions
    How do you get so much levels
    Also how do you get so much gems?

  10. this man gets the most broken charater in all of fate but does not know who he is

  11. Fate is good to watch the story is good its so many of them need to find out best way to watch them, fighting is off the chains, it's not a beast of a show but it's very enjoyto watch imo

  12. People: where is my (unit)🤨🤔 *scrolling up and down
    Me: 😐👌🏻
    Game: 🥲😢😭*stares at search bar

  13. DIO and jotaro should’ve been like this

  14. Why don’t you have shorts on your avatar

  15. Gilgamesh looks like a character made when SSJ3 goku just released

  16. I always put my golfs to strongest so he can destroy there hp

  17. I caculated and with Erwin buff he would be doing 91k+damage every ten seconds

  18. Imagine 6 star Gilgamesh aoe circle every 0.1 seconds lollllll

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