listening to roblox tower defense DJ's be like -

listening to roblox tower defense DJ’s be like

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dj songs from tower battles, tower defense simulator, and tower defense x in a cool roblox animation

i included some OST’s lol

0:00 Tower Defense X OST – EDJ
0:06 Tower Defense X OST – Defend Or Be Slaughtered
0:10 Tower Battles Sound Track: Lobby (OLD)
0:13 Tower battle DJ original song
0:18 Tower Defense Simulator OST – Basic DJ
0:27 Tower Defense Simulator OST – Rave DJ
0:32 Eradicator | Original Soundtrack of Tower Defense X | TDX OST

bread animated this btw @Scullgaming962


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  1. cant believe edj model got changed into a more millitary style

  2. fact checkers have checked this and this is very relatable

  3. Man, I wish the EDJ music used in this video was used for the EDJ in game. I would've loved hearing it while fighting Eradicator

  4. Listening to easy mode triumph: GANGSTAS PARADISE

  5. Even though im a TDS supporter, i have to say:
    TDX music slaps, but not Tower Battles DJ level.

  6. Everybody gangsta until Neko dj arrives

  7. hey john did you remake the EDJ a new model?

  8. Ghost dj: don't forget about me… Im a legend….


  10. Can we get pls an skin for edj that looks like dj rave from tds and have the song, pls its a banger

  11. On that 3rd one bro rly hit that "🤯"

  12. The best reactions was tb and intermediate

  13. Eradicator's boss theme has to be the best the best theme to exist

  14. tds should make better music for default dj like ITS GARBAGE

  15. Who heard ''a boy gets killed'' in neon rave dj

  16. fun fact:tower battle boss1 deathsound used to be in the game

  17. I absolutely love how the characters dance when you win. Each character has their own kind of dance, and that is just amazing.

  18. Uh, tbh I like the TDs's music more than yours because I don't really like heavy metal. It also makes me mad that you sleep when you listen to the default tds dj

  19. is it just me or do easy and intermediate modes have literally the same music except the volumes are altered

  20. Ah yes My favourite djs
    Easy mode, tower battles menu and intermediate mode

  21. tower battles one has one of the most vibey dj songs change my mind

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