Level 175 7 Star Ichigo feat. 6 Star Julian (Julius) | EXP Farm | Roblox All Star Tower Defense - fantasy-defense.com

Level 175 7 Star Ichigo feat. 6 Star Julian (Julius) | EXP Farm | Roblox All Star Tower Defense

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Roblox All Star Tower Defense: Level 175 7 Star Ichigo feat. 6 Star Julius (Julius), EXP Farm. Solo Gameplay (Showcase)
💨Discord Server:
💨ASTD Update (World 3)
💨New Unit: Special Banner & Banner W
-7 Star Ikki Potent (Awaken) – Ichigo
-6 Star Julian (King of Wizards) – Julius
💨New Code: “world3ishere”
50x Stardust
10x Exp IV
4000x Gems
Level Requirement To Claim: (115+)
💨New Code:mbshutdown
50 stardust and some exp
💨Infinite Mode is a game mode where enemies of all types in the game will keep spawning until you can’t defend your base anymore.
💨Extreme – You earn 3x the amount of EXPs and Gold as normal mode but the enemies have x10 more HP and are x3 faster.
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Tracks Used:
Intro: ROY KNOX x WTCHOUT – Shadows (Feat. Svniivan) [NCS Release]
💨Chill Jazzy Lofi HipHop Beat FREE (No Copyright) Music
💨[No Copyright Music] Retro 80’s Synthwave Instrumental FREE (Copyright Free) Retro Electronic Music
💨Zaitex – Shadows
💨hayve – Half Alive (feat. imallryt) [NCS Release]

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  1. I know why I ability does not work! If there is a buff on him it will not work, it’s like Gilgamesh 6 star the ability does not work!! 7:23 notice how there is no buff! 7:42 then with a buff on it does not work.

  2. Bro can you do solo kai planet without cooler and sukuna?

  3. The 5 star Ichigo is really good
    178K damage lvl80(210K with ability)
    No buff
    Might be OP for beginners

  4. Can u show us how to solo soul raid please

  5. Gotta question, does ichigo bleed? if so then his better than broly and all 7 stars (excluding cooler)


  7. how do we get the ichigo hollow mask to evolve it

  8. I got him with 5 stardust lol it was a red spirit bomb animation

  9. Merry Christmas! Also how to get the universal reduction orb?

  10. i just came back to playing the game and i really don't know how to get universal reduction orb bru

  11. This teenager's skills is on anotha level

  12. Since I don’t have brook I’m using erwin, and whenever gojo time stops it’s messing up erwin buff

  13. How the _ that he maxed SPEEDWAGON on wave 16

  14. I mean it's obvious for the ability to not working because in regular you don't have airs anyway lol. Good vid btw, keep it up!

  15. Very cool showcase and very cool video and very good YouTuber

  16. I got some problem of buff right now I need some help how to not the 8nf buff or even mistaking it while buffing how to that though I got frustrated when I used you're buff I got of this 105% then it will 250% then repeat

  17. But merry Christmas to you bro keep up with the videos and good luck to you and everything you do

  18. Ace how u get a mask for 7 star ichigo can u say it ?

  19. also when you use abb on ichigo it dont work cause you dont got the attack effects on

  20. How do I get the masks to evolve ikki from 6 star to 7

  21. why do we have 7 star ichi that look the same

  22. They’d if Julius so bad he’s such a cool character and op and they made him bad like every black clover character in the game 🤦‍♂️

  23. Bruh I cant even get a ichigo mask cause roblox keeps crashing every time and it’s annoying

  24. Wassup ace I started a new account again and ofc play astd and I was able to get the Ichigo 6 star how do I get the masks or head? whatever it is because I wanna get Ichigo 7 star

  25. Ace, how do I get those head things to evolve 6 start ichigo?

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