[LB] Ulquiorra is Light + Gilgamesh on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox - fantasy-defense.com

[LB] Ulquiorra is Light + Gilgamesh on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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[LB] Ulquiorra is Light + Gilgamesh on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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  1. SegundaEtapa kkkkk gringo falando em portugues

  2. Which mode do you get this unit is it air elemtal or double path

  3. Gilgamesh except you remove the air part and put it on kiras ability

  4. I was really disappointed when aizen and ulq was not a banner unit, Bleach is my favorite anime and aizen is my favorite villain

  5. Gilmegesh ?? But dont actack air unit ?? Your content like a trash

  6. Hey snow, I was wondering because I have aqua would you be willing to trade the ulqiorra for my aqua and maybe some other stuff.

  7. I'm still upset that the units that had hype behind them are LB units ;_;
    while the rest but dio were quite bad

  8. I wish you got the little hollow thingy in your chest for the blessing

  9. now make a fast attacking full aoe enitre map high dps with light skill

  10. @SnowRBX his nuke hits the whole map btw, even if they not in his range he hits them with his manual

  11. I came on the Air LB an hour ago my name is Mr_RedGuyYT but when will i get Ulquirra???

  12. Lovely how Vasto Lorde Ichigo is worse than Ulquiorra and also why is Final Getsugatensho Ichigo slightly better than Ulquiorra? that makes no sense whatsoever?

  13. Its attack is inf range, in the beginning the front one is used and the whole map dies

  14. Ninja turtles are not slow 🤬🤬🤬

  15. The manual ability range is bigger than the unit base range.

  16. Not gonna lie naruto use him as a punching bag

  17. You forgot to showcase first captain of bleach

  18. I think I’m done with these videos, there isn’t even a shred of honesty in them anymore and the attribute being delivered feels like I’m getting my face rubbed in dog shit. I know everyone is different but I’m exercising my opinion here, these videos and especially their titles are garbage

  19. Mikami in deathnote: DELETE, DELETE, DELETE over and over again

  20. People without air unit :💳💥💳💥💳💥

  21. Purely because of this unit I think ichigos whole evolution line need a rework

  22. Quem aqui é br percebeu que a forma do dark wings tava em português

  23. es que este wey no les da a los de latam :3 :v con razón no entendio lo de primera etapa Xd

  24. Fun fact: LanzoUlq clears all the enemies when used.

  25. I did the math and based on the headcount and the damage difference the nuke is doing 257894.737 damage, not as good as light but because its an obtainable at all times unit im fine with it.

  26. So light yagami and gilgamesh had a kid how did they do 🤫 amongus

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