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Kleins Gameplay PC Preview Anime Tower Defense

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LIKE and SUBSCRIBE my friend~! Kleins is a new upcoming tower defense game for PC and Mobile. I spent a couple hours playing the PC version for decent gameplay that’s not beginner stages. I felt like the overall pacing is too slow with story stages. The lobby system was pretty cool where you can change your idle NPC for your shop, battle, gacha, etc.

00:00 Intro
00:05 Gameplay Chapter 1 Boss Battle
06:24 Gacha God Draws and Lobby
08:18 SSR Gameplay Resource Stage
13:55 SSR Gameplay Resource Stage Part 2
17:23 Lobby and Character Previews
19:00 Dormitory

Kleins Official Websites

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  1. A Chinese phone number is required to play the game ! Do you know how to get it ( for free ) ?

  2. 我很好奇,你懂中文吗,居然还会关注这么一个游戏,因为我注意到它在中国的网站上也没有什么人气,而你却又测试资格?

  3. damn they offering pretty good mechanics on td game

  4. Is it like arknight where you only able to hold one skill at the time? If yes it's hard skip for me

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