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Kakashi 6 Star.exe All Star Tower Defense – Roblox

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  1. That moment when I should've kept my 8 four star kakashi instead of turning him into a milk shake for 6 star naruto

  2. everytime astd updates it just goes 100k players the moment the update is released.
    Also this new update is interesting….
    After the update instead of going back through 24k players it instead stayed at 59k active players

  3. me who reached wave 60 without erwin & kakashi: evil laugh intensifies

  4. Bru i have 2 kakashi then feed them the next day the update came out

  5. Bruh red eye warrior hasn’t been in banner in ages all I need is 1 more to get 6 star kakashi

  6. Me:it’s so hard to get kaka 6:(
    when I see this requirement
    Me:….. KAKASHIIIIIIIIIIIIII feells pain

  7. eatlotsonthanksgiving

  8. Its crazy how obito came on banner like 10 percent

  9. no bulma 5 star is more op because it give a lot money per wave 3:29

  10. subrec to this man bro

  11. Yo i didn’t know you could control the susanoo

  12. Halo may be infinite... but doom is ETERNAL says:

    the good old days when 2.4was much with buff but now we have units that do 3.4mil damage and 35mil burn damage in 20tiks without erwin

  13. ASTD in this video: OMG THIS UNIT IS SO OP!1!1!1!1!1!1!11!!!!
    ASTD now: pathetic

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