Jean Pierre (Silver Chariot) muscled Ultimate Tower Defense | Roblox -

Jean Pierre (Silver Chariot) muscled Ultimate Tower Defense | Roblox

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Jean Pierre (Silver Chariot) muscled Ultimate Tower Defense | Roblox

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  1. To pronounce the name Jean Pierre Polnareff say John Pee air Pol nar eff

  2. Edit: hes from part 3 by the way hes a good guy by the way i don't want to spoil much more because it feels wrong anything but at the start he isnt good and you will find out why and all characters in part 3 get there chance to shine so i wouldn't say hes op i would rather say hes almost as invincible as Joseph in plot armour terms though
    Polnareff is half simp half honourable his stand is silver chariot ita extremely fast and it can take off its armour and it will be fast enough to make seven shadows of itself i forgot how you call it but anyways hes able to shoot his rapier or use it to barrage also the strongest ability Polnareff has is called "the real main character" basically Polnareff has more plot armour than everyone except Joseph obviously

  3. Snow: Just look at his face.
    Me: Look at every other jojo character face o-o.

  4. If you buff the range nothing will happen because the hitbox doesn't change so it hit earlier making is worse

  5. Jjba part 3.the stands started showing up in this part.

  6. He is a good guy, just I'm pretty sure that's his face when he has the flesh bud. im not gonna say any more since minor spoilers

  7. day one of asking flamerbx to make a intro for this channel

  8. he is nice he was evil but he broke out of dios spell

  9. The first jojo character that actual hits more than 1 thing

  10. Polnareff is one of the crusaders in part 3 or 4 I think and his stand is silver chariot that uses a sword or idk the name and silver chariot is only close range attacks mostly and in the part 4 or 5 in golden wind giorno met polnareff and thanks to him he obtained the requiem arrow but first silver chariot was the one that transformed to requiem before golden experience, his requiem form gives him the power to switch souls but has the weakness of having a light in shining to the direction where theres no one looking at him which helps you to defeat him

  11. Stands and polnareff are introduced in early episodes in part 3 when he attacked the crusaders

  12. Guile from street fighter 2 is based off him


    The stando power is sliver chariot it has a sword that can repeatedly stab every quickly he can remove he’s armour which makes him faster but weaker. The stand user polnareff lost he’s sister by a person with 2 right hands and he has tried to get revenge ever since. Dio told polnareff that if you kill jotaro and the others he will tell him where the person with 2 right hands is (in the manga I’m pretty sure polnareff didn’t even get a fleshbud on he’s forward head) polnareff then went to go defeat jotaro and the others but gets defeated by avdol he then joins jotaro and the others quest to go defeat Dio.


  14. believe it or not his name is pronounced john pierre polnareff

  15. He is in part 3 and in part 5 also silver chariot is fast without armour and it's a swordman

  16. Hes name is Polnaref
    Stand is Silver chariot and silver chariot requiem

  17. To answer snows question you can watch this guy on part 3 of jojo

  18. “Not gonna be the type of person that I would trust my life on” I feel like he knows about the Vanilla Ice vs Polenaref fight. In other words he’s a trust worthy guy. And yes he’s a good guy.

  19. bruh my guy chef aka polnaref you can trust him he good guy

  20. jean pollareff isnt bad guy he is good guy in the anime

  21. Is it me or am I the only one who saw the stand targeting the dude while moving but the stand follows it or just moves to the side where it's moving

  22. I love how he said “19000” but it said “1000” lol

  23. i accidently bought him and wasted 600 gems when i was supposed to save it for todoroki 😭

  24. jean stand is a knight swords man that's all but when jean found the requiem arrow he's stand literally become a God

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