is Tower Defense Simulator dying? | ROBLOX -

is Tower Defense Simulator dying? | ROBLOX

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tds/tower defense simulator roblox has been going down pretty recently as in terms of youtube stuff, and i also taken notice


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  1. Back in like 2021 I loved Tower Defense Simulator,But now it’s boring and repetitive in my opinion.don’t get me wrong though THERE UPDATES ARE BANGERS!

  2. I'm a TDS content creator and i can say i have stopped making tds content, just taking a break until they actually make smth good

  3. Xd I’m lvl 255i in tds I’ve been playing tower battles because tds got so boring

  4. kinda true and it is the same to what happened with arsenal where the game's community in the youtube scene died out due to the lack of content avalible now

  5. I quit TDs and meet the best game in Roblox yes is bee game

  6. the real reason why is my game is lagging the loading screen takes g crate engineer are so expensive

  7. I play tds since mid/end 2020, and i droped the game when duck Hunt event released, the game got so boring this days, i think the devs just stopped caring about the game, i feel that they just want the money they waste in the game back.

  8. I joined TDS in 2019 but I quit because I was way too dumb to play then I came back at 2021 but then I quit again because I suck then I came back at the cowboy event but I kept loosing so I quit for 5 months

  9. Can you please make a Criminality video, can I come too?

  10. Hey man you should play a game called isle with some homies it’s really good

  11. there isn't really much way to save tds
    oh yeah they can probably make a tds2 lol
    jokes aside, this problem is with every single tower defense type game
    or even every single game existed
    the biggest thing is, "lacks of replayability"(or whatever it is called)
    like man, tower defense, sure, it is pretty cool
    but will you even want to play the game again after literally over 20, 50, 100, or even more times?
    sure, you can try different strat, but it still only gives you around 30-50 more times(or even less)
    and overall, it is still just that, even with different strats.
    event will help, I mean new enemies and new bosses? why not?
    but the fact is, most ppl just ignore the event after get elf camp/completed battle pass cuz there are simply no reason for they to continue playing, which is likely only let them play for 2 weeks or less(prob more for ytber but meh)
    the thing they can do is probably, just make another tower defense game(or not even needed to be tower defense type)
    ofc not copy of other games(stares at 2019 tds) and have some unique mechanic aside from tds
    yeah that's my comment, feel free to argue lol

  12. Me thinking I think I would make a remastered version of tds:
    Me I don’t even know how to code in roblox

  13. Basically all the good Roblox games are dying because the kids keep going to games like adopt me and brookhaven

  14. Idk if TDS is dying the only thing i know is shotgun jumping

  15. I only quit bc the updates are getting boring and the game is a lot more grinding

  16. I wanted beta tds cuz beta tds was really fun…

  17. I quit tds unless there is a update I don't hate it

  18. You know hes completly fine when he gets a snack on the road.

  19. John can i somehow get my robux back cuz i did buy criminality for robux and now its free

  20. IT IS DYING! I have lots of golden sling accel warden and such. I have not played for months.

  21. Gdilve make more criminality video pls it so funny and good

  22. War machine and mecha base release (one for coins and one for gems). If they add an event after 1 month of these 2 being released, the game will blow again. Plz 😵

  23. I finished everything on tds and I don't know what to do

  24. Unfortunately I have quit tds for a few months

  25. I think TDS has alot of potenial but The devs are not doin it

  26. For the morph thing, someone ACTUALLY stole the entire tds game animation n stuff and posted the assets in toolbox

  27. They should add a lot more gem towers and op towers for coins and new maps and just like a good big update yk

  28. Even if i havent played this game for months, I will always play it

  29. Yeah I quit grinding in that game now I m just waiting till your game come out

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