Imagine zombie are stucking on ground - Tower Defense Simulator -

Imagine zombie are stucking on ground – Tower Defense Simulator

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#TDS I have challenge for y’all who wanna friend me


  1. Now i know how i can win fallen in solo Xd

  2. Bruh my TDS friend forgot about me and now they are saying I am hacking because they don’t remember I am there friend

    And I they helped me get turret


  3. There’s glitch when u use toxic gunner and freezer u can just make zombies stuck forever that’s probbly what happend

  4. Lol slow boss + toxic gunner = ultimate slow boss

  5. Please dont tell it to dev bc it will make super speedrun

  6. Accept friend? oof i don't have toxic gunner, only Sledger, i should've played for 2 years without stop,

  7. littery not the same minute but i only use toxic gunner and no glitch still 30 mins:(

  8. Tank: You cant defeat me
    Scout: Oh i know but he can

  9. I beat it with no glitch 😀
    (I just spam freezer and toxic gunner so they cant move e)
    Fun fact : diffrent 6 second lmaoo

  10. Friend:Omg tank is so fast dude
    Me show this video to him:

  11. I have a video on my channel thats worse than that

  12. I bested fallen my longest is 50 min and 5 sec 🙁 but I don’t have the footage 🙁

  13. 😮 hey below dont fix please

  14. Imagine toxic gunner slowing down the zombies to 90% – Tower Defense Simulator

  15. Is it fixed cuz tank just past away but i see toxic gunner

  16. Legend says he's still stuck cuz Toxic Gunner was too bored to shoot countinuesly

  17. Once fallen king go stuck and when they spawned fallens they broke free like what

  18. MazeyAnEpikGamer [Dog Army] [ANTI KDCRA Army] says:

    toxic gunner: heh its my job to destroy this tank

  19. I used without glitch 34 minutes with my friends using toxic gunner electroshockers, minigunners and rangers on moonbase

    But sadly it was in my Michaelgio358 acc(Hacked account) now my acc is BaconNumber1ButNotRl

  20. can we all take a moment to appricate tanks walk animation

  21. Toxic Gunner: hmm ok quick u can pass abnormal u can pass heavy u can pass tank u cannot pass im sorry

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